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What to say? It stepped up again. Even though I broke the program and ran 10 minutes last week, I still have a lot of trouble with the first runs while I'm still not warmed up. I struggled to complete the first 5 minute interval, and I was glad of the rest when the 21 minutes were up.

I'm feeling cautiously confident for Run 3. I don't much doubt I am capable of running for 20 minutes. Whether I can do it cold, I'm not nearly so sure. We'll see if 8 is doable on Tuesday.

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You might find the longer ones are almost easier, because you've got well warmed up!

You'll be overtaking me soon, if this snow stays and I carry on being a wimp! (Should have been wk 6 run 2 yesterday.)



Now I'm feeling a bit competitive. If I run before you I'll only be one behind you....


I've just had a text to say that I've got the day off work tomorrow (woo hoo for snow days!) so I've decided I've got to do a run, seeing how many others on here are getting on with it anyway. We walked round the village today, and I tested the sports field, which was ok for running - I did one minute to find out, but then stopped, as I'd already been walking for an hour or so.

Now I've put it on here, I'll have to go out and do my day 2 run round the field. A bit boring, and deepish snow, but safer than the paths round here. We've had about 5 inches altogether - and a foot deep drifts along some of the field edges. It was very pretty.

I think it's going to be hard work though, so I'll see how I get on.



I've been the victim of an enthusiastic barman* (he's still at it) so a run before work tomorrow is out of the question. I did check out the lawns by the beachfront today, I think it's doable but I have a real issue with altering my routine.


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See my blog - running in deep snow was *much* tougher than I'd expected. I'm lucky to have clear roads, with very little traffic on. I don't think I'd have managed it otherwise.

Methinks that barman needs a good talking to! Then again, maybe he is saving you from going out in conditions that might result in injury - he may be looking after you very carefully.


He's a good sort so.


Sure is. And will be back out there running soon enough, fear not!


Indeed. I'm walking several miles a day instead but it's annoying the feck out of me that I can't run.


We have just started week 1 and thought it was such a good warm up session, we have decided to use it as a warm up for all the sessions, so for the second week we'll do W1R1 followed by W2R1, week 3 W1R1 followed by W3R1, etc etc. I know this means 1 hour of running instead of 30 mins, I feel that W1R1 is an excellent warm up. This might also work for you. Good Luck....


30 minutes of warmup sounds slightly excessive but I might do a 3 minuter with a 3 minute break or something. But since a lot of people seem to doubt it and get proven wrong I will stick to the program for the first go and only change it if I fail.

Greenlegs and Fingalo - glad to see you've been having a good time! I'm no longer in the UK and while it is still snowing it is just considered normal here and everything is well gritted. I read that back in Blighty an artificial ski slope closed due to snowfall...


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