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3 fantastic runs set up by my deeply relaxing yoga session this morning. Very muddy trails through the woods but dog & I really enjoyed it. Ran well, full of energy but took Buddy34’s advice & kept constant stride pattern. Looking forward to Sunday’s run. 😁

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Huge well done you! Sounds fun!

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Vegout25Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss, it was fabulous 😊

I think you have things in balance. Running is a great exercise but most runners are not very supple myself included. Do you follow any particular yoga plan? This is something I want to look into especially once I graduate to 5k.

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Vegout25Graduate in reply to bingbongsong

Hi bingbongsong, I enjoy dynamic Hatha Flow yoga Wednesday evening & Energy Balance Yoga Friday morning. Friday’s yoga is a mixture of different styles in a Yurt within a wildflower meadow. Each week we concentrate on a different Chakra sometimes use aromatherapy oils. 2yrs ago struggled with painful knees, hips & lower back. Now I’m almost pain free. Highly recommend it, wish I’d started years ago but glad to be doing it now as it compliments my running & badminton. Give it a go & try as many different styles as you can

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DottyFGraduate in reply to Vegout25

The yoga sounds wonderful x just arrived in Wales ready for tomorrow

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Vegout25Graduate in reply to DottyF

Have a good day tomorrow. Hope the weather isn’t too inclement 😊

Thanks for this I will look for a beginner's class in the new year. Doubt I will find anything as beautiful as a class in a wild flower meadow!

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Lots of mud around the now I guess if you run on trail. But it must be like being a kid again. I run on pavements but tomorrow at parkrun most of that is trail so that should be fun as we've had lots of rain where I live in Scotland.

Well done to you and the dog. 😊😊🐕🐕

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Vegout25Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Thanks Buddy34, had a lot of rain in the south of England also. My Dad was Scottish. Have cousins & friends scattered all over Scotland who I try to visit every few years. Very familiar with your weather, some of your trails & your majestic scenery. Planning a return trip to Skye in May 2020 before the midges. Maybe I’ll enjoy a Munro or two! Enjoy tomorrow’s park run & hope the trails aren’t too slippery 😊

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👏🎈You sound in top form and your enthusiasm is catching 😁

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