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Week 7 Run 2 - That Felt Difficult

I made it around my Shenzhen local park again - just. At times I felt like I was going backwards, and it was a much less comfortable session than the previous two 25 minute runs. Runmeter's graphs tells me I upped my pace only a tiny bit (made 3.7km instead of 3.6), but it was see-sawing around. I think I was trying to hang on to runners passing just a little faster than me, rather than focusing on maintaining a steady pace of my own. Definitely no gas left in the tank for a last minute sprint this run.

Other hiccups - I discovered just before I started my warmup that Apple Music had decided to wipe my normal music playlist which left me "music anxious" and playing the wrong tracks. Maybe this was what resulted in me being distracted by fellow runners, instead of staying in the moment with the music and the pace.

I didn't drink enough water in the hour or two before running - I gulped down a couple of glasses of warmish water (tapwater here is always boiled for safety) immediately before going out. I felt very dry and sticky-mouthed on my walk back. Foolish!

On the upside, on the walk back I was neither rained-on nor lost!

If I run during daylight at the weekend I'll try and take a picture of the park.

So, some lessons re-learned. Keep steady. Keep hydrated. Keep the Apple gods happy.

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Well wk7 run2 got ticked off. Looking forward to seeing a picture of your park. Funny how we get a mental picture of where people run in our minds. I have no parks where I live to run in. 😄

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You did it though and some good lessons learned.

Some runs are just hard and horrible wherever you are in your running career. Learning to accept that but move on and enjoy the next one is also valuable learning!

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