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Week 7 Run 2 at the coast!

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Well.....i think my other half is starting to suspect especially as we are away at the coast for the Easter break and i excused myself this morning to fit in Wk 7 R 2.

He and the girls bought me a gps sports watch for mothers day because im taking my walking serious they said. The trouble is if i use it he can see my pace 😱

Anyway back to my C25K.......took myself off today.......different place......different terrain.......while new experiences. People saw me jogging along (good that i dont know them) but i thought you know what, i dont care...yes im slow but im off the couch and jogging for 25 mins. Although i did find today really hard as its totally flat so you have to just keep your legs going but surprisingly when i got back and looked at the strava thingy my pace was the quickest ive ever done. Maybe the change is good and getting out of my comfort zone will really help me. Tired but very pleased πŸ˜€

20 Replies
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That sounds like a fabulous run. Nothing like running a new route πŸ‘

Well done! Doesn't it feel good? My W7R2 is tomorrow. Good luck with week 8. 😊

Good for you πŸ‘πŸ»

I walked through village I live today after my 28 min run and a man and women blatantly pointed and were laughing at me , (paranoia nope women has bullied me before ) so I just held my head high and thought do you know what , I don’t care anymore what you think of me

BrianUKGraduate in reply to Jen58

What dreadful people. Well done you for ignoring them. I would have found that very hard to do.

Jen58 in reply to BrianUK

I surprised myself today Brian

c1air3Graduate in reply to Jen58

What horrible people......they are only jealous because you are doing something that they cant do. Well done for holding your head up high. Ignore them πŸ˜‰

SuperMouseGraduate in reply to Jen58

That's awful! :( Hold your head up and carry on jogging. Bet they are jealous! :)

Hidden in reply to Jen58

That's just horrible & what puts me off Road running but you are an inspiration- like the others said - well done for ignoring them. X

msanni in reply to Jen58

Horrible! Glad to see you're not going to allow it to stop you. Keep running! 😊

Jen58 in reply to msanni

They have stopped me going places in the village,

I was certainly surprised myself today just hope I can keep it up 😳

Jell6Graduate in reply to Jen58

If you can ignore them, then you can do anything!

I'm also at week 8, and I think I prefer these runs without walking breaks .

I'm sure you can keep it up πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jen58

Total envy..you are out there and doing it... :)

Jancanrun in reply to Jen58

Bullies are ignorant people who hide their own deficiencies by trying to find others’ . Except in this case, you’re doing the running and they are just watchers. Their laughter says far more about them than it does you. You are a running star, every step you take, you are squashing their prejudices.

DeterminedBearGraduate in reply to Jen58

They're not worth it. Ignore them but keep your body language positive. If you catch their gaze, smile and move on. Do not let anyone take you down to their level. Negativity breeds negativity. You're better than that and are on your own journey.

Nannalyn53Graduate in reply to Jen58

How pathetic some people are. You did so well to ignore them. Maybe next time you are running in the village you could imagine the rest of us with you, as we certainly are in spirit. Perhaps in time you might join a running club - I’m toying with this idea- as I gather they are really supportive and who knows where that might lead? Either way those villagers are losers.


Well done! :)


Very well done you... running tourism is great...onward and upward :)

Well done πŸ‘πŸ»


I love the fact that you are going to surprise your family when you graduate πŸ˜€


Nobody told me I would get more jewellery! Blimey this is great - new shoes, new wardrobe and a watch. I'm looking for a GPS watch myself as the last run of mine the phone GPS decided to run out of battery.

Anyway forget about the pace it's the 28 minutes and the smile on your face that's important.

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