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Best Cure for Sore Knee Please

Hello Folks..

So.... Went out for another run yesterday, exactly the same distance/speed/time since I started back up a week or so ago. Nothing dramatic, just my usual run around the park. Now.. the only problem is my right knee is playing up.

It felt a bit sore last week, slightly more after my run on Friday (3 day rest in between) however today it's definitely letting me know it's sore. I'm thinking along the sides of too much, too quick?

I've tried some deep heat today, hoping this will do the trick. If not, any suggestions my wise fellow runners??

Or is it a case of ease of for a while??

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Sorry to hear this , Saul.

I would try icing it and definitely resting it where possible . Hope it feels better soon xxx

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I'm afraid you can't run on a sore knee without risking real trouble. What bad luck! Do a search on youtube for "exercises for runner's knee". Imfound some by a poster called "theschoolpsych" which worked really well for me. I did them twice a day. They put no pressure at all on the knee but really do help. The knee exercises on this website you can only do as a preventative measure but not once you actually have knee pain. Keep them in mind maybe for when you are healed (squats and so on).

I've become lazy about leg exercises and don't do any. I've never done the NHS knee exercises I just mentioned, I just run. Since I've been running on soft ground, I haven't had any problems. Will be in Cyprus from this weekend and back to running on hard surfaces so will have to see how that works out. The only things I have retained from my knee injury experience are that I always run with patella knee bands (amazon), strapped round under thekneecap and fastened with velcro and I do one stretch from that youtube video before and after every run without fail. It involves placing a leg on a table, knee slightly bent, turning the foot and leg outwards to the side, placing hands either side of the foot and leaning the upper body forwards towards the foot. Hold for 60 seconds. The stretch is felt all along the outside of the thigh right up to the hip.

Keep cheerful. It will pass. Ultimately what helps depends on what is causing the problem but this stretch, strengthening exercises for the knee, preventing the patella tendon becoming misaligned, running on soft surfaces, rolling outvyour leg muscles before and after each run, resting when you have pain - these all help. Good luck!


It's hard to know whether it is an injury or soreness and stiffness. I totally recommend rest if it is an injury but I have had niggles before and find strength and flex exercises free up my knees and avoid further issues. I also re introduce run walk when I am having some discomfort, allows my legs to have a rest but also to still go out and run

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Thank you for the detailed reply. Do you use the single strap or double strap? to cover both above and below the knee. Also just the one or a pair?


I use a single strap, just below the knee and fastened firmly but you don't want to cut off circulation. I think your leg muscles will be fairly strong (quads etc ), so I don't think a strap above the knee would achieve anything. If you look on youtube some people demonstrate them. If just one knee is troubling you, maybe you'd just need the one strap. Try to do the stretch I mentioned on the table, even now when the knee is sore. It really helped me.


I use one under each kneecap, so 2 in total.


?? "A While" ??

Injury PLUS 4 days (as below),

PLUS EXTRA WEEK of Training !!

This applies to MOST INJURIES

(Not Breaks; Tears; Long-Term HEALTH Disabilities)

((might wish to print this,

as is the approach of "Medic"; "Coach"; "Physio-Therapist"))


>>>From the date of injury<<<

-2 days off;

-1 day LIGHT run (from earlier stage ??);

-1 day off;

-RESUME Training program to "Catch-up" to when injury occured !!


>>>Example: Injury on Wednesday<<<

--Remainder of Wednesday >> OFF;

--Thursday and Friday >> OFF;

--Saturday >> LIGHT Run;

--Sunday >> OFF;

--Monday >> Begin Training as if MONDAY of week BEFORE Injury !!


>>>During time off<<<

-REALLY take care of your "Injury";

-Use Splints & Wraps, as much as can;

-Use DEEP Heat Therapy to get muscles "Moving";

-Extra Stretching and Cool-Downs;

-ICE and REST Therapy when your "Injury" becomes painful.

(note: SAID - "becomes painful", NOT - "is TOO Painful")

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I used to be plagued with knee problems, new shoes was the answer for me but you've probably got that bit sorted already. Rest was the only answer when they were sore and for me it was several weeks at a time. Contrarily I stopped doing other exercises including knee strengthening. I was probably overdoing it all but, touch wood, I've not had problems since.


I started getting stiff and sore knees while in C25K. I don't seem to move my knees much when running so think they get stiff. I tried strength and flex exercises on rest days and noticed I didn't have any further problems, graduated now and do 10k once a week and 2 X 5k and my knees are great. Squats, knee lifts, back kicks etc

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Thank you all for your replies and advise. I will give this week a miss and start afresh on Monday. Will order some knee bands and use these for a while and also will do some strength and flex exercises.

Never had this problem before either when running, cycling or in the gym.

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I've and rest helps with most injuries.

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Rest and ice..? Knees are tricky little monkeys! Hope it sorts soon!

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