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Sore calves help please

I completed my w5 r3 on Thursday with out too much strain BUT my calves have been very sore since then to the point I do not feel confident to run again As yet.

Have I done some thing wrong and if so what and how do I avoid this going forward?

Any help or advice email greatly appreciated as it's all been going really well up till now.

Thank you 😊

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I graduated about a year ago now and I did have a time with calf issues. No idea what started it, but I blame some skipping I tried! Never again! Anyway, every time I ran, I got a stinging tightening pain in my calves. If I walked, it was easier. It so knocked my confidence at the time. I had graduated, so I had a bit more flexibility. I found massaging my calves before running helped, keeping my legs warm afterwards helped me to relax my legs. When I run, if I get a soreness, I flex my ankles to allow some movment in my calves. Week 5 is a challenge. Let me know how you get on, only other thing is to do strength and flex leg exercises on running rest days.


Thanks joolieB1, I will follow yr advice and hopefully will be able to carry on☺

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Well done for getting to the end of w5.

Do you stretch after every run? I seem to have avoided any problems over the weeks and can only think it's because I stretch religiously after every run. I do the ones found on the NHS c25k website.

My other thought is whether you're trying to run too fast? Keep it slow, slow, slow.

Hope you get over the soreness quickly... Happy running!


Thanks wizziewood 59, running slow is something I do seem to have mastered (or plodding is what some would call it!).

I had been doing a bit of stretching at the end and the 5 minute call down was fine, no problems until now.

I will look up the stretching exercises and give them a go.

Should I try another run yet or leave it until they are no sore?

Thanks again


Afraid I can't advise you about that but I'm sure someone else will soon be able to help you.


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