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Week 2- sore knees

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Hi. Hoping someone has some advice. I am new to running & have never really been a runner but want to try to get fit & this seemed like the easiest/cheapest thing to do! I had a baby almost 6 months ago & haven't really exercised since. I did week 2 run 1 on Saturday & felt fine at the time. But on Saturday afternoon my left knee started to feel sore (under the knee cap to the inside of my leg) & has continued to feel sore since (feels like it's actually gotten worse) Both sides are sore but left is worse. It's sore going up & down stairs & feel it generally sore when walking too!! I don't have any special trainers. Do you think it could just be my trainers that's the problem or just that I'm out of practice of exercising & just to carry on?? I had really wanted to go out last night but rested hoping it would be better today but it's still not. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thavks.

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I also had a painful knee after week 1, exactly in the place you describe (I am on week 4 now) and the advice is not to run with knee pain at all.

I would definitely get some proper trainers from a specialised running shop (I have Asics Gel Kayano which are very cushioned) and and consider running on track not pavement/concrete. Only repeat week 1 when the knee pain has gone. Be really strict, do week 1 run then rest day, if the pain comes back, stop. If you can walk 30 minutes without pain, keep doing that. When I saw a physio a few years ago, they recommended certain leg raises - your muscles need to develop to support the knees. You will be fine, just take it slow. Mine are fine now 4 weeks on...

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Sars83 in reply to Antmusic

Thanks for your reply. Did you just wait until your knee felt better before carrying on then? It's just so frustrating that I geared myself up to do this & now feel like it's over before I even began!

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linda9389Ambassador in reply to Sars83

I can definitely sympathise and totally agree with the reply above.

I had to stop with knee pain during week 2. I restarted several weeks later with no recurrence. In the meantime I did the strength and flex program, and some exercises specifically to strengthen my quads. Do wait and et it heal. While you are healing, find a running shop which offers gait analysis and get the right shoes for you. To help pass the time, read lots of posts on here! By the time your knee is healed, you will know all about running and have met lots of supportive C25K friends, you'll be wearing supportive trainers and be full of enthusiasm too.

It's definitely not over :)

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AntmusicGraduate in reply to Sars83

It won't take long to heal, mine took 3/4 days. Patience is the key, and determination. The programme is still there waiting for you when you are ready :-)

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I think you should get your knee checked if no improvement in couple of days. When I tried running last year, I had painful knees day after runs so bought proper running trainers which helped. This year I'm careful and take things slow, I try to get 2 rest days between runs which helps my body and knees recover . X

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I had exactly the same last week, took a week off running, feet up when possible, and got gait analysis done to get suitable shoes. Woke up after a week and the pain was gone so back to it but with conscious effort to go slower and land gently, so far so good. Also, ibuprofen worked wonders for the pain, hope it’s better soon 👍

Thavks everyone. It feels a bit better this morning but not enough to attempt running! I'll take all your advice & take this week off & will go & see about trainers & hopefully be raring to go next week instead. Thanks.

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You can definitely do this :-)

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