Newbie advice - illness after W3R1

Hi there. I am amazed at how much I've been enjoying c25k. I did w2r3 on the morning of my sisters wedding which started at 11.15am - I was super I was super impressed with myself! I then started to get swollen glands, but didn't feel too bad. I did w3r1 ok, but I then developed a full blown chesty cough and felt really rough with poor sleep. I looked on here to help decide whether to run or not and decided it would be sensible to wait until I feel better. (In the past I would have pushed through - I seriously injured my back by doing this when I tried to get into cycling.) So I haven't run for the rest of the week and although I'm feeling a lot better, I am still coughing. I am feeling a bit disheartened. My question is, when I start again on Monday, do I carry on where I left off and do w3r2? Or do I go back to w2? You are all very inspiring and I really appreciate the great community that is here and how generous you all are with your encouragement. I'm really enjoying reading through the posts.


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  • If that had happened to me I would want to reassure myself I was fit to run and rather than possibly push myself too far after an illness I would start the week 2 again - that's just me

  • Thanks RobD, appreciated.

  • I'd say carry on where you left off - if it's too much then go back a bit. You won't know until you try. I will say, though, make sure you're feeling pretty much 100% before you get back out there - healing is hard work for your body so don't make it have to work even harder by doing too much too soon; that could really set you back.

    All the best.

  • Thanks Joneseycat. Yes, I'm going to give it a couple more days yet. I guess I can give it a try and if it's too much, step it back a little. Thanks for your inout, it's appreciated.

  • I've just finished one of the toughest runs (w6r1) after 5 days break. I also suffered from chesty cough accompanied with fever and poor sleep.

    And it went fine. I just had to pace myself to be slower than slow, but it all worked out fine. So you can definitely do it!

  • Thanks ench0, great advise and encouragement. Thank you, you've given me hope!!!

  • Carry on where you left off.

    I had a similar experience with a break due to illness early in the programme and that was the recommendation from the graduates and I am so glad I followed it. You've done the right thing having a break but going back in the programme is not going to give you any more useful information than setting out with the intention of completing W3R2. You'll know to take things gently but that's the route to success even if you haven't had a hacking cough.

  • Thanks Googleme. I think I'll do that. Can't wait to get back out there!!!

  • Give the next run a try but give yourself some leeway and don't be too hard on yourself if you need to cut it short. I'm sure you'll be fine, you won't have lost fitness in just a week and as long as you feel better you should be fine. You sound very dedicated and are clearly doing really well. :)

  • Thanks Melly4012 for your support, it is so encouraging and very much appreciated.

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