W3R1 - ooh you cheeky minx

Well, another beautiful morning for a run and no work until the afternoon - perfect! I set out all vim and vigour and found the first 3 minute stretch pretty comfortable. I was conscious to be super steady and had a 'slow down' mantra on loop. I couldn't believe it when LL (lovely Laura) piped up to say we were half way through! I turned tail thinking it would be sensible as I wasn't running a loop route. On I went feeling great, then the last 3 minutes approached.. and there loomed a knee trembling hill. Ugggghhhhhhh. At points I was sure I would be making better progress if I just slowed to a walk, but I didn't stop. I managed to make it to the top of the hill and had a lovely moment stretching my legs on the way back down. As LL congratulated me on finishing I thought I'd spite that nasty hill and carry on running for another 20 seconds.. yes, I'm that petty :-)

It was a great run, but it did test me on that last stretch. So now I'm really excited for R2 so I can pick my route better and see how that last 3 minute challenge is on a slightly flatter bit of ground! 

Ooh and I finished up with some stretches following lots of good advice on my last post and touch wood, no twinges at all. You clever lot, you!

Hope you're all having a good day!


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8 Replies

  • You are doing great

  • Brilliant run and brilliant post! You could even do the same again- you managed that hill this time and it should be easier next time because you know you can! It's really, really good if you can cope with hills as part of your training, so they're not scary later on when you're out and about. Anyway whether you do it again or not- well done!

  • I agree with rainshine, hills should be embraced, they are your friends. Just take the down hill very carefully, going up them strengthens your legs and is good for the bottom and for building determination, rushing down can hurt the knees and shins. I avoided them for far too long, now I do at least one long hill every run.

  • Well done clovers!

  • Congrats - keep going! 

  • Wel done..love those hills...just roads sloping upwards 😏

    You are doing amazingly.onwards and...upwards!

  • Well done! That spurs me on, as W3R1 will be me in 2 days time. I think that in the early days, the route makes a massive difference. When I did C25K last year for the first time, I started off on a hilly route and found it really, really hard. This time I'm pretty much on the flat and it's made a huge difference. Maybe the big hills are better saved for later?

  • Thank you everyone for your advice and encouragement! I think I will go back and tackle that hill.. hill? I mean teeny bump in the road. Pah! ;-)

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