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well, have come back to C25k after starting 6 months ago then dropping out due to a series of circumstances. Last time I really thought my chest was going to explode and my shins disintegrate, even in W1.

This time, with a pair of proper shoes and a more positive mental attitude ( I can do this and I will do this.) it is going much better. Did W3R1 today fairly comfortably, apart from swallowing some midges and coughing and choking at one point, but luckily that was right at the end of the first 3 min run. lol.

Genuinely never thought I would say this, but am actively looking forward to my next run.

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Fantastic, well done! So much of running is about believing you can do it. Funny about the midges, I inhaled one on my run this morning and was spitting away most unbecomingly trying to get rid of it.


Welcome back and well done on your first run. Good luck and best wishes.


good on you! i swallowed a bug too the other day and it didn't feel like a little one- yuk and not good for a vegetarian :( good luck for your next runs :) the positive mental attitude is the key!


Good for you coming back. Sounds like you have the motivation to go all the way. We've all had our little trials along the way....maybe the midges helped with a little extra protein?

I agree that the program becomes addicting. And this is a great forum to share knowledge and success. Hope your next run goes as well (and is midge free!)


well done Rignold - you can do it!!


Completed W3R3 today without even being lathered in sweat by the end, which was good. To my horror, however, halfway in to my first 3 min run I discovered I had started the wrong mp3 on my iPod (I found a US website with a variety of different music styles), and instead of my usual hard rock and heavy metal soundtrack, I was running to The Spice Girls and the soundtrack from Glee. Was too late to stop and start fumbling around with the machine. This was far worse than swallowing midges.

Will be taking much more care next week.


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