W4 r2

Oh my lord x let me motivate anyone at the early stages!!! Never even ran at school, just pretended & hated it - was more a sprinter!! But here I am week 4, had blips, but kept going & buzzing that I'm learning to relax, meeting those targets & thanks to lovely posts I've read from others no longer care who sees me xxx thanks all for your posts I'm as proud as punch lol x


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9 Replies

  • Well done you.

    I'm at same stage as you. Due to do W4 R4 tomorrow.

    Those last 5 minutes are a killer, aren't they?

    Then you think how hard it was last week!

    But it does seem to get easier.

    Dread next week


  • Should have been W4R 3 not for 4


  • Ooo x I'm in a little bubble of can conquer all!!! Struggled so much with week 3 I felt like giving up & this week I'm ignoring the negative comments from friends & work folk & just listen to the plan & off I go xxx must admit I do beg in my head to be able to walk, but when it's over I laugh & think sure I could do that again xxx lol my positivity at the moment is possibly very unrealistic but it's getting me there 😂

  • I so know what you are saying.

    When I walk I feel like running, when I run I can't wait to start walking!

    It's obviously a learning curve we have to go through.

    Before we know it we will be running 5k......


  • Onward xxxx and good luck

  • You should be proud.

    It's not easy but you are doing it . Keep going - it's so worth it!

  • Well done, it's a great feeling isn't it??

  • You wait till W5R3 you will feel invincible - afterwards :) You're seeing how well this programme works and anyone who makes it to W4 should be feeling very proud. Running intervals is hard work and often the mind wants to stop before the body needs to. You're training yourself inside and out and I found success at running gives you more self confidence generally, you stop caring what other people think when they see you run and other life situations also seem less daunting. It's a win-win situation. Go bravely into W5 with a big smile on your face.

  • Well done, you should be proud! There's a point for everyone that they suddenly realise how much they enjoy it when they NEVER thought they would be a runner! Love how much enthusiasm you have. You'll graduate before you know it! :)

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