Couch to 5K

W4 R2

Thought it was time I said hello. I started this programme spurred on by my personal trainer (aka my very bossy and sometimes quite scary 15 year old daughter). I have been severely chastised for looking ahead at the programme and deciding there's no way I can do it because apparently I can!! Maybe she's got a point as I've just completed W4 R2 and to be honest I'm finding the whole thing quite addictive.......never thought I'd say that!

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Congrats on getting that far! You have proven yourself wrong by doing it! You did amazingly well. It can actually can get quite addictive, makes you eager for the next run!


Congrats, try not to look too far ahead you may scare yourself silly.

Good luck


Thanks both. When I looked ahead at W1 I thought running for 5 mins sounded impossible but I've done it this week so I'm just going to take one run at a time and not look ahead anymore. Lesson learnt :)


well done weeble :D you are doing great so far :D keep going :D


Thank you for your encouragement. Much appreciated :)


Yep, she's right. Don't look ahead. Just run what's in front of you. Finish and move on

It goes very quickly so savour each run as the nine weeks will be up before you know it.


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