W4 R2

Run2 - Tick , No fuss no drama :D Was 1st time i have run when i have got home from work, was cursing the drivers in my way was shouting at them " get out the way i have to go for run " lol also made appointment to see a shrink as i am now officially addicted to running :D

Short and sweet today unlike me, well the short bit :D

R3 Saturday am as usual :D can't come quick enough

Signing off now in case them men come with the special jacket hahaha

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  • Blasted drivers. They really got up my nose on Weds morning. Who do they think the road was invented for? Swines.

  • I know, no understanding of how important our runs are :D

  • Great stuff Rob :)

    We have another convert!

  • Thanks, I think atomic :)

  • Well done! I also ticked off W4R2...not too much drama, my last 5 min run feeling better than the first... perhaps I'm getting the pace about right (slow to crawling)... overall feeling good...role on Sat!

  • Well done Rob, another one chalked off and put to bed.

    Nice and steady is the way to go. Good luck , youre doing fab ! :-) xxx

  • Hi poppy many thanks :D the weeks are flying by :) xx

  • Thanks Andy and well done you too, strangely for me it was the 1st 3 min but soon settled :D Sat cant come soon enough :D

  • Well done :-) I drive too much to will those drivers out of the way anymore... and more often than not i'm stuck in my own roadworks anyway which i clearly can't complain about :-) xx

  • Thanks snow :D ah if they are your roadworks !!! i dont envy all the driving you do .... my average 45 mins is bad enough .. xx

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