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W4 R2 ✔️

Such a beautiful morning to have done this.

Really thought about my breathing today as I'm one of those who tends to run with their mouth open, so I really made an effort to keep the mouth shut and breathe in through my nose. I'm still finding the first half of the podcast more tiring than the second half, but I think that's because I'm running slightly uphill for the first half.

I'm feeling fitter and it's great being out early in the morning in the fresh air seeing all the trees and plants bursting back into life. I've lost a few kilos since I started too, so that's a Billy Bonus!

It's a great podcast and I can't thank Laura enough - I love how she just slips in a comment just when you need it.

How are the other week 4's doing?


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I'm not on W4 but thought I'd just say well done. It is beautiful out and I know what you mean about the trees as I go running in the forest (On the access roads). Well done on the run x


Thanks - it's just so refreshing to be out isn't it. I'm outside a lot anyway but I'm just noticing stuff I wouldn't normally see. I'm usually with my dogs or horses so get distracted I guess, but I'm running on my own (I started off with a dog but found it difficult) I'm seeing all the blossom as though I've never seen it before. Just wonderful x


Don't worry too much about the breathing, just do what comes naturally.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Thanks - I take deeper breaths with my mouth shut, plus I look a little less stupid ;-) so I'm going to try and persevere with that. I think the mouth open thing is a bad habit that I will be happy to knock on the head. I do it when I'm hoovering too!! lol


I think a good reason to try and keep your mouth shut when breathing in is because it dries your mouth out a lot, which isn't pleasant. Sometimes I breath out through my mouth, just as yet another distraction technique to keep going ;-) It is lovely being out at this time of the year isn't it? Well done on your progress.


Thank you. You're so right - it was my mouth/throat being dry that really alerted me to the mouth open thing. When I swallowed I thought crikey my throats really sand papery! When I started the couch to 5k I had a cold, so that didn't help with the breathing either. But, as you say, it gives you something to consider whilst plodding along!

Happy running!


I've just done week 4 run 2 as well. It was great - far easier than the first run. This morning the weather was lovely for running, cold but sunny. I run by the sea and it looked amazing. I also noticed the second half easier than the first. After finishing the first 5 minutes run I was dreading doing the second one but it was fine and I was even speeding up towards the end knowing it was going to stop soon. Where I run is pretty well flat; I think it may be easier for two reasons - partly psychological, you know you are going to make it but also I think the body starts finding a more sustainable rhythm. I agree, having Laura come in and say 'only a minute to go' makes a huge difference.


I don't think there is a better thing in the podcasts than when she says "only a minute to go"


I try to breathe in through my nose and out in the stomach to stop a stitch. Not had one so far but I really struggle unless I breathe through my mouth. It does go very dry but I find it easier to run as relaxed as possible and then maybe try to correct it later on.


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