W4 R2.... Phew!

Hi Everyone,

Oh my, why was it so hard today? When I hear that I now need to run for 5 minutes I keep thinking I'm not going to make it, but I do every time. I feel totally shattered now though and I have no faith at all in being to run for 20 minutes next week! My face is as red as a beetroot and I'm perspiring by the bucketloads, do you have that too? Sorry for the moan, I needed it... I will go away now :-) Thank you for 'listening'.

x Johanna


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10 Replies

  • You'll be totally fine. I find that a lot of this running is mental rather than physical.

    I don't sweat much, but I've never been a sweater... I tend to itch more if I get hot and clammy.

    Well done, too!

  • Thank you for the encouragement :-) I think you are right about running being more mental than physical. I noticed that when focusing on the running it seems a lot harder than when I'm distracting myself thinking of something in particular, time seems to move faster too that way.

  • People are different but I sweat bucket loads too. 2 running sets of clothes always in the wash. Trust in the programme and you will get there I know because I did and I now complain about not being able to do 10k fast enough ;-)

  • Thank you and Wow! I cannot imagine ever running 10k, but who knows! So many people here have made it to 5k and beyond, it's amazing. I will keep going :-) Glad I'm not the only one sweating so much, lots of washing here too haha!

  • Only as red as a beetroot...I? tend to have that attractive shade of 'livid bruise' that looks so nice on the middle aged woman that I am and it takes about 2 hours to subside, also perspiring by the bucketload. Not at all pleasant but I reckon it must be doing me some good ! Somewhere ! You are certainly not alone.

  • Haha, you made me laugh, thank you! I too take about 2 hours for my deep red face to settle down into a shade I dare go out with. Tend to do my running in the evening therefore. What is it with this middle age lark anyway, I try very hard to pretend it's not happening :-)

  • You will soon be wearing your red face as a badge of honour. The thing is the shorter intervals now where the long ones you dreaded a week or so ago and that's a sign of how it does work and you are making progress. Good Luck

  • Thank you :-) And you are right, the progress is quite amazing and do feel like I'm making tremendous progress. Losing weight is an added bonus that gives me a real boost as well.

  • Just completed week 4 and too am dreading week 5 run 3. Don't want to sound like I am lacking confidence here but I think I will do a merry dance if I can run a full twenty minutes without passing out and needing the emergency services!! Not quite sure how we can jump from 5/8 minutes to a full 20!!! i know loads have done it and that is what spurs me on. I am so determined to complete the 9 week plan and carry on however I am starting to question my ability to do it!! :-(

  • I think I'll join you in the merry dance too if I complete W5R3 without dying! :-) I'm with you not quite understanding how we can go from running less than 10 minutes to non stop 20 mins, but hey ho, we will discover it soon enough... Gulp! Now I've had a shower and feel human again my determination is coming back, we've got to give it our very best shot, come on Mancbird!! x

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