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Happy days post Cornwall!

So after a lovely week or so in Cornwall, with terrific scenic routes to chose from, we are home and today I wanted to complete wk9 run1.

I like to run first thing in the morning. Only thing is schools are back and I am SURROUNDED by schools. Those gremlins started early......."hey J...don't bother, those kids walk faster than you run". But I did get out of bed so first step taken! Then every excuse to not go........Need to leave before 7.30 or you'll hold the kids up, oh no that means I don't have time for a cup of tea! I SOMETIMES have a cup of tea before I run, but not always......I always have water. So water it was today. Then my shoes would NOT tie up.......needed to tie them three times 'just in case'. What is that all about? Then go to the loo (again) before I go out........then another look at the clock, "oh oh J it's almost 7.30, it's going to be too late to run! " Shut up gremlins!!!!! Then as I'm about to go out of the door I think.... did I tie these crop leggings or are they likely to fall down as I run? ...... What a joke, they are soooooo tight I have to peel them off!

So I ignored those gremlins and went out of the turning back.

But still the gremlins stayed with me.....kept telling me I couldn't do it, I'd used up all my energy in Cornwall walking all those miles on my non run days. And anyway you are still stiff from hours in the car coming home! But I dug deep and decided I was not listening.

Halfway round I thought, hey I'm now on the second half, the inbound section yeahhhh! So I dumped those gremlins at the end of the lane, told them they could stay right there, I was running the rest of the 30 mins without them.did as my daughter says, flicked them off my shoulder!

So I did it!!!!! 30 mins non stop up and down my local hilly terrain! One of my hardest runs so far but I'm happy, happy, happy. just two more runs to graduation, how did that happen😃

Thank you guys for your brilliant support and encouragement, I am so close😃😃😃😃😃 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻

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Great well done. Almost a graduate


Thank you, roll on tje weekend😀👍🏼


You are close indeed. Well done for a great run. One of the many things this programme teaches you is the mental strength to kick those gremlins into touch!

I hope you are planning something special for your graduation run.


Thank you. I am pondering on that just now Ullyrunner. I think it needs to be something scenic, really noticed the noise of the traffic this morning, I've been spoiled in Cornwall lol😃


Well done jacsw..😊oooh graduation week. One down two to go..we are rooting for you.x

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