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W5R2 under my belt


Seems like it was the right decision to push on with W5 after my involuntary and premature jump into W5 on Monday. 8 minutes running goes a lot faster than 5 minutes walking ! The gremlins always mutter away during the first 2 minutes "this is tough. You have a long way to go. Are you sure you can do this? Shouldn't you stop?". But if I ignore them and push on they shut up. They mutter whether the run is 3, 5 or 8 minutes, so it seems to be part of the ritual!

Over half way there! Will give myself 2 days rest before the big 20 mins on Saturday. Part of me is looking forward to it. But those gremlins are still muttering "20 minutes, that's AGES. You can't do that! Your knees are already sore. Aren't you overdoing it?". You get the gist. My knees are always sore, but they get worse if I don't walk or run so I think I'll just let the gremlins mutter and ignore them!

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Yes JaySeeSkinny, you have the right approach.

You are going to LOVE the feeling you will get after run 3. It is magical.


Already thinking I might pull the long run forward to Friday and stick to the 1 run day, 1 rest day rhythm. It seems to work for me (at the moment). But after a run I'm always on a high! Feel like I want to run again this evening. Crazy! (I won't - don't worry)

nhs2015Graduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

I know, it is tempting. It takes a bit to hold yourself back ! It does with me.

Ha ha! I know just what you mean! My gremlins always accompany me for the first 5 minutes, but I know when I turn right and the junction at the end of the lane they give up, 'cos they're not as tough as I am!! 😜


Ah I remember the 20 minute gremlins when I first did the plan a couple of years ago, that particular run filled me with so much dread and then I did it and was shocked and amazed that I had. Its an amazing feeling when you do it and you can do it! :)

I have that one to come this week too and I'm totally bricking it! 20 minutes IS a long time!!


You get the gremlins by splitting the run into two ten minute blocks, or a certain number of songs if you have your own playlist. At 4minutes per song, the 20 minutes just flies by! Then you have all the pleasure of sticking your tongue out at the gremlins and saying "told you so".


Phoenix and I will manage it and ban our gremlins for ever (or until the next run)! I will report either on Friday or Saturday. Depends how I feel Thursday evening whether I run Friday or not. Mind you felt pretty tired yesterday evening and it didn't stop me running today. We'll see - play it by ear!

Great attitude. It certainly is a breakthrough run and surprisingly you WILL be able to manage it...

I think this is the run when you suddenly realise you are breathing normally not gasping (about 10 mins in). Go do it....😄

I've got those same gremlins and I was terrified of the 20min run. Now in the week after (W6). Amazingly, feeling totally unfit and never done anything like it (and being in my 50s and never been a runner my whole life) I could actually do the 20 mins. Very slowly!!

I found that (1) bad as it felt only 2 minutes in, --- it wasn't an y worse at 19 mins. So it doesn't get worse than that feeling when the gremlins kick in.

(2) after the first 20 min, your next runs break it up again so tell yourself 'It's just one 20 minutes run, then for the first time in the whole programme it actually gets EASIER.'

I don't know why you take a backward step in W6, does anyone else?

Anyway you WILL do it and you'll AMAZE yourself!!

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