Wk8R2......and new running shoes πŸ‘ŸπŸ˜Š

Wk8R2......and new running shoes πŸ‘ŸπŸ˜Š

Well after a terrible attempt on Monday evening (I couldn't even call it a practice run, high humidity, too hot, asthma) I took a few days off, but managed r2 of w8 this morning. Had to reverse my route due to a 10k race, but it was ok. It was raining so hard here yesterday that I just didn't fancy a run, so I went to my local sports shop and bought my first proper running shoes! I can't say they have improved my performance (soooo slow!) but they will help with my over pronation I hope. Gorgeous morning, just me, the kestrels, buzzards and bunnies and the blackberries were delicious on the way backπŸ˜‹ Here you go, new shoes, rather plain compared to the rainbow 🌈 colours available but they were the only ones to fit my big wide flat feet πŸ‘£ (and they're men's 😞), but still way better than my ancient Reeboks!

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  • Pic of shoes please - it's the tradition here :) Hope they are everything and more that you hope for :)

  • Thanks Irish-John , will try and post a sideways photo later! Oh yes, it's sideways!!!!

  • Great! Posting a photo of new shoes has been scientifically proven to add ten percent to their fleetness. 😳 😊

  • Sounds like a perfect morning run! Hope your new shoes bring you many enjoyable miles!

  • Nice - my first pair of running shoes were New Balance and I grieved when I had to throw them away. Did you see the TV programme about how they are made - it was in the NB factory I think.

  • Thank you Ullyrunner I hope they will be great, just need to wear them in a bit! I did see that programme, it was fascinating, but have checked and sadly mine were made in China :-(

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