Is this normal??

Hi I'm new on here and am two third of my way through week one!

I've joined an absolute beginners running group which is following a slightly different programme which went from run 60 seconds, walk 60 seconds X 10 on session one to run 2 mins, walk 4 mins X 5 on session 2 but I couldn't run for more than 90 seconds and more often 60 or less! I think I prefer this programme and when I do my run on my own tomorrow will revert to run 60 / walk 60.

I'm a fairly active person but very unfit! I'm really struggling with breathing and my lower legs feel so heavy! Any advice?


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  • All I can say is that I would not have been able to do that programme. The 'official' C25K was one I never thought I would actually complete - lots of health and other problems led me to think that I would be fortunate to even complete week three and gave it many months. However - I actually did complete it, in about twelve weeks. The first few weeks are certainly the hardest - both physically and mentally - until you really begin to have confidence in yourself and the programme.

    I also am of the opinion (and am being very opinionated this morning :) ) that running with others leads to 'competition'. The only person we really are in competition with is ourselves at this level :)

    I run my own pace and have found a lot of enjoyment as a result. I have 'fast' days - 5K in 40 minutes - and 'slow' days - just wasn't feeling up to snuff this morning and 5k took me 42 minutes. If I was trying to keep pace with, or compare myself with, anyone else I truly would be on the road to disaster...would over run or drop out feeling inferior.

    Please - read as many posts on this Forum as possible and hopefully you will stay and run with us. While we might run on our own around here, we never actually run alone :)

    Best Wishes.

    ps- another of my opinions is that if you do NOT feel like your lungs are about to be expelled out your nose on W1D1 you are only pretending you are unfit LOL :)

  • Thank you! You make some very interesting points, particularly about running in a group! I am determined to do this and will continue, either with or without the group! 😀😀

  • Slow and steady and keep it enjoyable on some level. Pretty soon you will be amazed looking back at your progress .🙂

  • 😀😀😀

  • I am with Irish John. The NHS c25k programme works for so many people because it moves you up in small steps, and moves up only after you have consolidated and built fitness. Doubling up after 1 run might work for someone who already has a good base of fitness, but that's not the case for many of us starting the programme.

    I also agree about running groups. Running by your self puts you in control of your pace, which is so important for success. I think there's a time and a place for group running, and that's when you are confident enough to stick with the pace you want to run at, regardless of what others are doing.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you! I think I thought running with a group would 'make me do it'! but I am determined to keep going! 😀

  • It's not unusual if you are unused to running to struggle. It's normal. If you go really slow that should help. The C25k programe builds in lots of walks so you never have to run for long before you get a walk. Heavy legs are par for the course when you're tired. We drag our carcasses round the route we've chosen, shuffling, barely lifting our feet but it matters not. What matters is that we get round and finish the job. So, go slow, breathe normally and look forward to that next walking break. We literally live for the next walk. I used to thank the Lord when the running could stop and I could walk again.

    You do get fitter though if you stick with it. Just keep going. Take each run as it comes. Just break it down and deal with the run immediately in front of you. Go home. Rest. Get plenty of sleep and hydrate well. Eating healthily is a good idea as is walking as much as possible which I reckon helps no end with fitness levels.

    Your jog group is a good idea. It's fun to run with others who are beginners as well. You will see how quickly you all come on with your running. If you run all winter together it's a great way of being able to run on dark nights within the safety of a group.

    Good luck with it. Have fun!

  • Thank you. You give really good advice and reassurances that it's not just me!! 😀😀

  • Oh yes, I gasped for breath those first few runs, and as a few more weeks went by thought perhaps I should see a doctor, but after succeeding in w5 run3 this morning doing the same route I did in w1 I realized how much I must have improved. It was reassuring, I'm not about to die!

    I really agree with 'irish-john' below, only complete with yourself. For me this has meant accepting that sometimes I have to stop (press pause) and catch my breath or wait until the pain in my calves reduces. I do feel a bit defeated but then I compete with myself the next time to hopefully go a little further, stop a little less. I found I had to repeat week 4 before I could keep going without stopping and this week I managed week 5 (okay I did make sure my route was a flat as possible!).

    Be proud, you've started.

  • Thank you!!! You are reassuring me no end! I really look forward to the runs but as soon as I start think I'm going to die!!! I will keep going though!!!

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