Is it normal to feel, almost, scared?

Hi I've just finished w6r2 which means that there are never any more breaks within the schedule. I am worried that I will need to stop at some point for a walk (although so far I have completed programme to the letter). Is this a normal concern? How have those ahead of me on programme found it? Can you now run none stop for 30 mins?

Any advice gratefully received.



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9 Replies

  • After a couple of 25 minute runs, I suspect you will not miss the walking breaks.

    Earlier in the program, they give you a necessary breather but you are now getting fitter and rather than providing a 'rest' the walking breaks, as long as you take it slow, would begin to feel like they are interrupting your running rhythm.

    I genuinely felt the way you did at that stage but I graduated 5 weeks ago and have since built up to be able to run for 75 minutes non-stop. You will be fine.

  • I think it is quite normal. Try to follow Laura to the letter. She is a very good tutor and with her help I have built up my stamina over the 9 weeks of the training and I am the archetypal couch potato the programme is aimed at. I had to repeat one run only - just ran out of mental fuel and let the gremlins get me. But if you have to stop so be it. Do your best and then re-do the run as Laura "requires" next time. Good luck.

  • I was also worried like you but actually found running without intervals easier as it takes me at least 5 mins to get a good rhythm running and my breathing right after that I can keep going. Laura moves you up in manageable stages so just trust her. I graduated 2 weeks ago and can now easily run for 40 mins without stopping(although I am glad to stop at the end) When I was doing the later stages of the program I did like to accelerate for the last minute of every run to prove to myself I had more in store. Good luck !

  • It is completely normal to be a bit worried about many things. Think of the build up to the "dreaded" W5R3. You managed it and found that there wasn't really *that* much to be worried about. This is part of what makes the programme so great. Having a challenge that makes you think "I couldn't possibly do that" and then "could I?" and then "OK, I'll try" and then you get such a sweet feeling of success from having done it.

    You've done the programme to the letter so far - brilliant, well done you!

    Trust Laura. She does know what she's doing. You'll be fine.

  • It's been nearly two years since I started the programme and despite countless kilometres since, to this day I still get that pit of the stomach "can I do this?" feeling before a big run. It's perfectly normal and all it means is that you care enough for it to be important to you. All the hard work up until now has prepared you for the next run. Trust the programme, you'll be fine.

  • I started W7 yesterday, a 25 min non-stop run, and despite following all the weeks exactly to plan, found it so hard. The fact that I live in Spain and it was 24 degrees and humid, probably didn't help as it means I have to keep drinking water and so had to slow down to a walk for about 10 steps to have a drink, but kept moving all the time, and I think that is the key. So long as you don't stop, and keep moving, you have to go with what your body tells you. You aren't competing with anyone, just yourself. I expect that eventually I will be able to keep up the same pace for the full time, and so will you, so try and enjoy it x

  • I've just done w6r2 this morning. Feeling exactly the same as you, I'm staying positive and just telling myself i can do it. We'll see!! Good luck and well done on the program so far.

  • It is absolutely normal!

    Look at all of us replying with 'graduate' badges: we all started out on wk 1 run 1 feeling a mixture of determined, daunted, excited and nervous.... and speaking for myself, that never really went away. What got added to the mix was a growing confidence that the programme works, as it got me through each stage. Not with ease, but each stage it was do-able. Even the dreaded 20 minute run - the trick is to go slow. Aim to complete it, that's the key thing.

    You have built up your fitness and stamina enough to cope with it. You are ready!

    (Having said that, bear in mind some runs will feel easier than others as you continue your running journey and it may be that in the future you might need to take a walking break on a run. That's OK too - and some people find that they like to move up to longer distances such as 10 k or half-marathons doing 'run-walk'. )

  • What a lovely bunch of supportive people you are!! Thank you for all of the advice which I will take on board and just go for it!

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