Good-bye week7

I finally finished week 7 and am relieved it's done. The weather this week has been unbearably hot and humid making these runs brutal. I woke this morning with little to no enthusiasm to get this run done but I reminded myself if it's not today it's tomorrow. We are going to have a late night out tonight so I felt I needed to do it today ;) Once again this run felt so long from the very beginning. The whole way I kept saying to myself "you WILL do this!" and I did. I've come to realize that while this journey is physically challenging it is way more of a mental challenge for me. I find now that I'm not doing the intervals, mentally it feels like 'work' like never before. Getting out of bed at 4:30am is harder then ever because I know the work I have ahead of me. I can't say that running/jogging has been all that I have to work for every second I keep my feet moving forward and I am absolutely exhausted when I'm done and i'm REALLY slow to boot. Yes, I am proud of what I have accomplished but is this ever gonna be 'fun' or 'enjoyable'? I wonder what it will be like when i finish this program..will I maintain this? . I know i will graduate without reaching the 5k mark so I still have work to do. As much as 'Laura' has irritated me at times I've come to depend on her prompting and support along the way. Not sure how i will do without her in a few weeks. It doesn't help either that I'm just about the only person on the road at that hour and it feels really lonely out there. Sorry for all the rambling it's been one of those days of self doubt. I'm just glad this week is done and I have a few days to try and lift my spirits and enthusiasm before next week.


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  • I'm very impressed - you got up at 4.30 to run AND overcame lots of self-doubt and desire not to do it. I don't know you from Adam but you sound like you need a c25k hug! You might fall in love with it, you might not. But if you finish the challenge you'll have something to be proud of and then you can decide whether you want to continue or not. It's not the end of the world if you don't, try something else. I've just started swimming and can't say I'm loving it (my mate, on the other hand ...) but I have fallen in love with exercise and I never thought that would happen. And trust me, it becomes a mental challenge for everyone at some point. Enjoy your night out, have a good week-end and don't be to hard on yourself.

  • Thank-you xo

  • Brilliant post Lilly !

    You sound like one very determined lady and yes you will do this.

    Well done , keep going, you're doing just great ! :-) xxx

  • Thank-you xo

  • I said when I started c25k "I don't think I'll ever love running". I don't "love" running now but I do "love" many of my runs and that's what makes it worthwhile. The last three weeks before graduation are a real mental challenge and all sorts of doubts creep in. You don't have to lose Laura once you graduate either! There are c25k+ podcasts which you can follow once you graduate. Or you can simply go through the programme again, or pick your favourite podcasts. I do a week 9 run once a week and pick 2 others at random. You do have to be able to put up with the cheesy muzak though :-D It's easy to say "don't get disheartened" but we all do from time to time. Just don't doubt yourself because you are doing brilliantly. You've just finished week 7!!! Only 6 more runs until graduation! :) :) :)

  • I didn't even think of replaying some of the weeks after graduation lol..that's a great idea! Ya the music is pretty bad but to be honest I'm so focused on my breathing and moving right now that I hardly notice It's just background noise to shut out all then negative thoughts I have while i run. Six more runs..when you put it like that it seems so doable. Thanks for the pep talk it's greatly appreciated :)

  • Wow! 4.30am! Well done you! Keep going. I agree for me it's more about the mental challenge! :) :)

  • 4:30 - that's very early! Shows how dedicated you are! But it doesn't sound as if it's sustainable, can you run at other times? I hope you find the love because running can be so much fun! Graduation is not far and there are great strategies for coping with life after Laura!

  • Actually prior to the C25K, a few years back, I was going to the gym m-f 5am for years and then just kinda fell off when life got busy and stressful new job. I really much prefer to get the workout out of the way first thing that way i make no excuses. Plus my husband wakes at that hour to go the the gym for 5am so it just kinda works for us. I wanted to complete this program outside so early runs are necessary with the heat these days. Even well into the evening we have been getting temperatures well above 85+.

  • The hardest runs I've done were on the c25k and it took some months of running 5k before I started *really* started to enjoy running. If you can stick at its really worth the reward of getting a buzz from running. Well done for getting up at 4.30am!! I get up about 5 so I've got time to have coffee before going I a run. That's getting bad enough now it's dark at that time.

  • Thank-you! I have a coffee before as well because i want to make sure I don't have to use the bathroom mid It seems every day it's getting darker out. I need to go get some more reflective gear so that i won't get hit by a car. Some days it's kinda freaky how quiet it is outside at that hour..especially in the

  • Well done!!!!!!! I start Wk 8 next week too, I know exactly what you mean about the weather this last week....takes so long to cool down as well! Reading the comments I didn't realised that it is only 6 more runs left of the programme......well done us!!!!!!!!!

    I don't think that I will get to do 5K in the 30 minutes, but you know I think they only called it that as couch 2 30 minutes running sounds rubbish, couch 2 5k sounds so much better.

    As I am running early (not as early as you, Friday was at 0600) I think that I am lapping everyone still in bed!

  • Lol๐Ÿ˜‚ I have the coffee partly for bathroom purposes too.

    I kind of get to like running in the dark when I've got used to it but getting up in dark at moment is a bit of a struggle.

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