Bye bye week 5

Well, I did it! W5R3, the 20 minutes... wasn't as hard as I expected, but still not easy! I'm running about 8.30 mins per KM, happy with that as it's pretty hilly around here. Pleased with myself, I woke up coughing a bit with a runny nose, think I might be starting a cold... if so I'll have a few days off, but just wanted to get this run out of the way! And I've done it!

Looking forward to week 6...

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  • Congratulations Curlygurl. Run 3 seems to be the hump for most people in the programme. A great achievement to have got it out of the way and look forward to week 6 once you're better. Who'd have thought 5 weeks ago you would be running solidly for 20 minutes. I think the remaining weeks to graduation will fly by.

    Good luck and let us know how you're getting on

  • Hi Curlygirl. Sorry to hear you are under the weather but well done on completing week five. More than half way through the programme now - well done. Take care and don't rush it if you aren't feeling well - good luck for week 6

  • Good stuff Curly! You should be well pleased with that. If you get a cold you might need a few days off as running with a hankie to stop and blow your nose every few minutes is a right faff. You might not feel well enough anyway. It might be just a bit of summer hay fever mind you. I was coughing and spluttering yesterday when I was mowing. I couldn't stop sneezing and I don't suffer from hayfever but something was getting to me

    Happy running!

  • Well done Curlygurly!!!! Do you know something? I found the first 60 second runs just as difficult! I think as your body adapts you can do more and more.

  • GGr, my phone has died, how am I going to listen to Laura now?

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