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Bye Bye week 4!!

This is the first time I've ever written a blog post so here goes.

I finally managed week 4 run 3 this morning. It was really quite a challenge - very chilly when I set out and I got down to my usual route only to find a sign "Nature Reserve closed until lunchtime due to an escaped cow"! Well - I guess I'm pleased they closed it as I'd rather not be chased by a runaway cow but it meant I had to find a new route "on the hoof" so to speak.

Unfortunately new route was mostly on grass - good for my legs but I got soaking and cold feet. It also meant that the last 5 minute run was almost all uphill. AAAARGH! Still I just about got there and am just hoping that the missing cow has been rounded up by Saturday morning, when I hope to be doing W5 r1.

I continue to amaze myself by doing this running lark - it's so inspiring to read everyone's stories - keep up the good work!

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Welcome to blogging thinnerandfitter!!!! Basically my blogs are random typing and rambling after a lack of oxygen from my run! :-) Week 5 already? You are doing great! Keep running and blogging!


Hi thinnerandfitter I am 1 run behind you, but luckily there aren't any cows near where I run. Keep up the running and keep us posted.:-)


Hi Lynsey, nice to "meet" you. I've never seen any cows when running but there was a menacing looking swan by the path on Tuesday! Good luck with your W4r3 - and see you in week 5 :-)


My runs are centred more around slug dodging!! Not pleasant.


EUGHHHH! Hope I spelt that right!


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