Going again

Going again

So, I graduated and kept running but didn't improve. The effects of the radiotherapy were very debilitating to my energy and breathing. Could run for 30 mins but at about 5K per hour. I walk faster than that under normal circumstances! Found myself giving up.

So, I've started again, trying to go a bit faster in the runs i.e. making them more run-like than plodding, esp. in the last minute of each bit. Currently in wk 4 and as someone has written elsewhere, that first 5 min run almost caused a refusal! But the achievement is wonderful. And the mornings are beautiful.


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  • Gosh, Annie, that is awesome. I'm not so bothered about speed, but getting faster in the last minute is good. Keep going :D

  • Radiotherapy is awful because it only starts affecting your energy levels a few weeks afterwards (just when you think you've got away with it)! Pretty gruelling and you must have great perseverance to keep it up. Well done and good luck with the next runs (and lovely, lovely picture. Not quite sure if it's early morning or early evening. Early morning I think. It looks gorgeous).

  • Well done you. I had radiotheraphy and still struggle with taking a breath in sometimes because of damage done which can cause me a bit of a panic! I just have to get control of my breathing and try and be calm. I tried running through chemo and rads but just couldn't. Running is really good medicine though I find for the mind! I hopefully finish week 4 tomorrow (with a good wind behind me) ha ha :) :)

  • There are a few great posts around on here about the perils of feeling that you have always got to be improving which, as you found, can get in the way of doing anything. As more and more of us discover that running is not solely a young or fit person's activity, we need to find (if we haven't already) other motivations that will see us through ageing and through many health conditions and their consequences (and radiotherapy is a big one). So what if you could walk faster? Running has a different impact on the body, more bone strengthening, more calories burned, more cardiovascular benefit as I understand it. Walking's good too in its own way.... notably for running rest days.

    That's a fabulous photo - stuff speed, more of those images! That said, speeding up at the very end of each session if you've got it to give seems a great idea for getting the buzz.

  • As for the photo, when I first began C25K , which was about 12 months ago, I really struggled. I went round counting how many paces it took to do my one minute's running so that the 'are we nearly there?' question wasn't constantly on my mind. But that was a bit tedious.

    I needed a distraction and started spending my time looking for the most beautiful thing of the morning, every time I went out. I sometimes had to re-trace my steps for the picture as marking time or standing still is not in the plan!

    And looking for the beauty, at a very tough time, was, and remains, totally therapeutic. Glad you liked that one.

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