Couch to 5K

Week 1 again

Have been away on camping holiday . Been eating and drinking too much ( but walking a bit to counteract) .

Knee hurt so didn't run . Tried running ( more shuffling) today . Knee hurt but doesn't hurt now a few hours later . Really did feel that when the lovely Laura said slow down "from running" I was actually wAlking faster that I was shuffling-jogging . Maybe that's why I was not so much out of breath . Knee hurt on the way but feels ok now, so hope it will be ok. I don't mind repeating weeks like this but hope I will be able to progress eventually . Did a half marathon (slowly) about 30 years ago but never run since !!!

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I'm sure you will progress eventually - just make sure you take the rest days, and it doesnt matter if you walk faster than you jog. You will get faster

Good luck with it.


Walking faster than you jog is not such a bad thing - I do it most of the time! It's just a shame that circumstances have kept you at week one when you so much want to progress onward. Yes, I believe you will make that progress and you need to believe it too. Good luck with your next run and my best wishes to you.


HI there. I had problems with a knee and the doctor I saw (specialist sports doctor) seemed unconcerned as it only hurt when I ran and not after. I built up slowly - it took me more like 6 months to do the programme rather than 9 weeks but my knee no longer hurts. Good luck...


Thanks for the responses. Surprisingly my knee seems much better than 2 days ago ( not even a twinge in normal everyday activities) so maybe do week 1 run 2 or 3 again tomorrow and see how it goes .


I also had to do a rerun for week 1 and if i can do it so can you! Congratulations on completing it regardless of that. I actually had a problem with my knees but i realized it was my running technique putting pressure on the knee. You will get through it, just keep at that pace!


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