Sore legs but going again tonight

Hi all,

Have finished W3, and it wasn't as bad as I'd feared, actually found it easier than W2. I am definitely feeling fitter, but as somebody else mentioned, my weight is static. This is not a real problem, as I seem to LOOK thinner. Weird. I'm a bit worried about tonight, my next run, as my right shin is sore. But I haven't been out for three days (!) because of a cold, so I have to go. I feel ok on the actual runs but next day, woah!

Anyway it's a couple of five minuters next and I'm already trying to imagine it. A few weeks ago I could scarcely run a minute without heaving, so there you go. It is however going to take a bit longer than the nine weeks. Best of luck to everybody and I love reading about all the experiences. Great forum. 


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10 Replies

  • hello thinner you :D

    either run lighter - imagine you are running over glass

    or run on softer ground - avoid rock hard concrete like the plague if possible

  • lol, thanks RoseWaffle. Thinner me, I might just be a bit vain, or forgot to put me contacts in. 

  • I'd also do some extra calf stretches as that can sometimes help. If you're still sore the next day I would do them again to see if it helps :-) 

  • Good tip, thanks, the stretching is easily skipped i've found. 

  • Well done, we are at the same stage and I can't believe I'll be running for 5 minutes next either. 

    In regards to weight, to quote the wise BodyCoach "get off the sad step"

    You feel great after the run, you feel thinner, but as soon as you step on the scales ( the sad step) you feel disappointed. Ditch the scales and let your sense of achievement last. 😊 

  • Thanks! Exactly that. I bought these scales two years ago and I thought straight away they were a bit off. Sadly it was just that I was losing no weight at all,  having had this brutally rammed home by a visit to the doctors (sounds wrong). His scales were not broken. I'm giving them up and trusting the tape and the mirror.  

  • Run slowly and see how it goes.  Have you tried strength and flex leg exercises?  I do them every day and it really helps prevent injury

  • Thanks. I do ride the static bike as often as I can, to strengthen, but I think I'm definitely going to pay more attention to stretching. 

  • Don't feel the need to force yourself out just because it's been 3 days if the cold is leaving you zapped of energy. I took a week off during W4 because of a cold and was frustrated at the time but in hindsight it was a good decision. It didn't affect my fitness at all and I aced W5. Good luck!

  • Thanks a lot!

    I'm definitely going out tonight. Although I haven't consciously made that decision, my body is feeling sick and nervous, like before a flight, so that means it has decided for me. My dog can tell, he's hanging about looking, well, hangdog. 

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