Decision made - I'm doing it!

So my recent cry for help was to ask if it was possible to run a 10k race in 4 weeks time when I had only completed week 7 of c25k. I got mixed replies, mostly saying what I was already thinking. My longest run up until Saturday was just under 4k, so it felt like a huge stretch to achieve 10k.

So last night was wk 8, run 1, and I decided to push myself and see what I could achieve. Well I managed 6k! In 41 mins (about 2 of those were walking, as I needed the loo!). Hardly lightening speed but that is not my primary goal, I just want to cover the distance, take part in the race and can accept if a little walking is required occasionally. I am now going to build a plan that my Monday run increases by 1k a week up to the race - and assuming a remain injury free I am going to go for it. Wish me luck - see you on the other side :)


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14 Replies

  • Very best of luck susan8326 Im sure you can do it and a little walking here and there wont hurt. The important thing is to finish the race. I look forward to hearing how you do.

    Much against my better judgment I have signed up to do the London Vitality 10K although it isnt until next May so I have 8 months to prepare. I have given my expected finish time as 1 and 1/2 hours which means I can comfortably give myself plenty of walking too. My whole family are doing it with me and it is going to be a question of getting to the finish line regardless of what time we get there and when we do get there it will be another thing to cross off my bucket list.

  • Well done, that's a great goal, and enough time to achieve it! I take it your race is through the city? I think it is especially exciting to run through your 'home town'. The Glasgow race next month visits so many points of interest, which certainly helps with the monotony of running. I would love to finish in around 1hr 15 but this may be wishful thinking.

    Good luck and enjoy the training :)

  • Yes Im from London although live on the outskirts now. The course takes in all the landmarks ie Westminster, Nelsons Column, St Pauls Cathedral and finishes by Buckingham Palace and luckily that part of London is flat as even slopes feel like mountains to me at the moment. I havent as yet finished c25k. On week 7 which is run for 25 mins. Its a struggle but I am managing it. Assuming my fit bit is accurate along with the 5 min warm up ive been doing around 31/2 to 4k in that time. so the way I see it even if I dont improve over the next 8 months and stay exactly as I am then I can do two lots of 25 to 30 mins running with perhaps a 15 - 20 min walk inbetween. Sounds manageable in my head. Hope it is in reality.

    Please let me know how you get on with yours.

  • That sounds like a great route, I quite fancy it myself. The highlight for the Glasgow 10k (Great Scottish Run), is running up over the Kingston Bridge - you run the 'wrong way' as you run up a slip road you would normally drive down! The bridge crosses the Clyde and M8, so all the traffic beneath toots their horns in encouragement, it's fab!

    If you are already running 3.5-4k in 25 mins, you will be able to do it no trouble at all. That's a great pace. I completed week 7 last week, doing 3.8k in 25 mins and did 6k last night in 41 mins. Once you graduate in 2 or 3 weeks, you could just keep up 3 runs a week, 2 x 30 mins and 1 x a bit longer, adding maybe 5 mins more each week. If you keep it up, I bet you could run the whole 10k by May no problem - have faith!

  • I will hopefully be in London in May! When is that run? I fit is on when I am there I will certainly cheer you on in person :) Hopefully it will be the latter part of May?

  • It's the bank holiday Monday 29 May. I am under no illusion that I will be able to run all of it but I'm doing it with my 5 children (2 will probably smash it while me and the other 3 will bring up the rear ) and our aim is to finish it regardless of our time. If I can run 5k of it I will be very happy and anything else is a bonus but like I say at the end of it we are going to just enjoy it.

  • Will aim at it, you never know .🙂

  • Titch, you've got months to prepare for a 10k. Once you consolidate on 5k for a while, you can get up to 10k in just a few weeks, if you want to.

  • Good luck Susan. Sounds like a sensible plan.😊

  • hooray, well done thats so good and will give you a focus etc too :)

  • Good to have a goal:) I graduated the 5k one month ago and did my first 10k today. I have done quite a few 5ks and really pushed myself on speed, where as today I went out an intentionally went as slow as I could, it made a huge difference and did the 10k happily, with no huffing and I say I went really slowly, I absolutely recommend, super good luck, you can do it! I'm doing the Plymouth 10 k on October 9th, when's yours?

  • Mine is 2nd October - I have the fear now!!!

    Good for you today, I am sure you are right that pacing yourself makes all the difference. Plymouth will be lovely for a run, how hilly a route is it?

    I am only due to officially graduate on 15th Sept, although I did cheat last night by increasing time and distance.

    I'll look forward to sharing our 10k stories - best of luck!

  • Plymouth is supposed to be flat! Not like my run today which was elevation gains of 180 meters, that's Devon for you! Still good practice.....keep up the training, slow. And steady wins the race, well not actually, but hopefully completes it, good luck:)

  • Wow😃 well done!

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