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Been on the injury couch 1week one day calf & ankle felt much better today , so on my afternoon break decided to run week 9 at a nice steady pace , warm up walk no problem, soon as I had to run " no chance "calf , ankle , what ever the bloody problem is was having none of it . ! Stopped immediately because I'm going to sanfrancisco & Vegas come oct & I def don't want to be limping around there ! So my decision is this I'm packing it in . To be honest I love it but I seem to keep getting injuries & it does my head in . I love cycling , & have been able to do that for years without a problem so it's that for me from now on . I'm not the patientist of people to start with & it evensounds to me like I'm spitting the dummy out , but that's it for now anyway . Happy safe running to everyone .


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13 Replies

  • ....I'm so sorry, I understand your frustration completely...could you give it a while ( I have just had to wait for 6 weeks) and now building up slowly...Your cycling sounds wonderful too, hang in there and the most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing...take care :)

  • Thanks juicyju , but it's one thing after another , I'm swimming , cycling , doing everything I should & then back I am again ! Last time I was 3 months with other ankle ! It's not as bad but I'm thinking can't be doing with this ! Glad to hear your up & running again your doing great .

  • Thanks kittykat , yes I think this old body of mine just does not like running , I do lol . The mind is willing but the body isn't . Ooh yes when are you going to be in Vegas ?

  • Oh Rockette, I am sorry to hear your news , but you know your body best and you know what is the best decision for you. It has been a pleasure reading your posts , you have achieved so much. Maybe you could just do some gentle runs now and again ? Whatever you decide, I really hope you stick around and I wish you all the very best :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy pug , yes I've got plenty of other activities to keep me going . All the best in your running

  • That's a shame to hear, but I totally understand.

    You appear to have plenty of other fitness activities so you should remain fit and healthy. This running is literally it for me so fingers crossed I don't succumb to injury.

    And have a fab holiday won't you - don't blame you for not wanting to jeopardise that.

    Farewell then.

    :-) xx

  • Sorry to hear about your decision to stop running but I totally understand. Recovering from an injury to pick up another is no fun. It's important to listen to your body and you sound you have lots to keep you busy. Cycling is great and it's always great on bikes as you can see so much more.

    Besides Vegas is great and you definitely don't want to hobbling around, the strip is surprising long and the casinos are huge plus you need to be in tip top condition for dancing.

  • Hi Rockette

    Sorry to hear you stopped running! Sob!!!! I reckon with lots more cycling, and walking, you will build up ankle and calf strength and then maybe you can run when you feel like it. It would be nice to think you could run as the spirit moves you, maybe the odd parkrun or RFL. Good luck with your cycling. Vegas!!!! You lucky lady.

  • So sorry to hear that you aren't continuing to run Rockette, I do understand how you must feel. I have loved your posts, reading about your runs that you managed on holiday etc but I am pleased you have cycling to enjoy. Enjoy Vegas x :-)


    I remember so well your three months out and now you're getting grief in the other ankle. Such a shame to hear Rockette, but at least you seem to have a plethora of other activities to keep the blood flowing (so to speak).

    You never know, your ankles might one day decide that they're as strong as iron. Hope you do manage to get running again at some point in the future though because you certainly seemed to love it.

    Keep posting on here don't get away THAT easily!!

  • Ah no Rockette that makes me feel so sad We joined about the same time and you have always been so supportive. You have had quite an up and down journey with injuries so I do understand your frustration . It's great that you have your cycling to give you the buzz from outdoor exercise . Have a lovely holiday in oct.

  • So sorry to hear of your decision, but nevertheless understandable given the circumstances.

    Enjoy SF & Vegas, both great if not very different cities. I thought I'd hate Vegas, but loved it the first time so much I went back for a second longer trip!!!

  • Sorry to hear you have had such troubles, I guess maybe running isn't for everyone. You obviously take and enjoy exercise, so don't beat yourself up over the running. BTW I had to make the same decision some years back about cycling - beautiful new bike, living in Cambridge which is really cycle city, best conditions for cycling possible, and I had to give up! I just can't ride a bike lol! Fell off, got knocked off by White Van Man, all sorts of problems... I was much happier when I'd made that decision. You can at least ride a bike!

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