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A whole year!!


Ive only just realised its gone a year since I started C25K from not running at all.

In one year I feel quite proud of what I have managed to achieve, thanks to this wonderful program. I completed my first 5k race last May arranged by my local running club, albeit a very fast race, and coming completely last!! I then went on to do the race for life in June with my sister and that was so special, we actually managed that in just under 30 minutes. In October I completed a 10k in Inverness and between me and my family we raised over £600 pound for Alzheimers and Dementia :) In January of this year I completed a half marathon with my sister, again very special, even though we did a bit of power walking in that one!!

On Saturday just gone I completed my very first parkrun with my youngest son whose first race it was, we did it in just on 34 minutes, chuffed with that in a headwind.

I have gone back to running club after a long break tagging on with the beginners again in a bid to improve my speed, and it seems to be working so far.

I'm not trying to brag or show off, just trying to make the point that C25K really does work, I gave up the fags, it kept me off them and got me off the couch and outside, It gave me a total love for running and I will never ever regret week 1 run 1 when I could barely breath and thought I would die!!

If there is anyone reading this that thinks its not for them, please keep going and you will suceed I promise :)

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Happy runniversary Jules. I love stories like yours - so very, very motivating to read what a bit of structure and a large dose of self discipline can do. Well done you with all the races and the fund raising, you should be proud of what you have achieved!

jules50Graduate in reply to Tomas

Thanks so much :)

Happy Runniversary Jules. You've done brilliantly in the year and achieved loads and should be very proud. Here's to another great year.

jules50Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

Thankyou! :)


Don't worry Jules we know what you mean, and just how fab you feel. Don't apologise for that! You worked your a*se off for that so big up to you. Sounds like you're really enjoying your running. Long may it continue, and the fact that you're running with the kids and family, members makes it all the more brilliant.

Improving our health, reducing our weight, getting fitter, healthier and stronger. It's what it's all about. Well done! x

jules50Graduate in reply to misswobble

thanks mw!! :D

What a difference a year makes...

And what a lot of achievements in the space of 12 months!

I find it easy now to get complacent and take for granted the benefits wrought by the life changing Laura. In the years BC (Before C25k) I simply took for granted that I would never be active and was on the slow steady decline into decrepitude. It is only really runniversaries etc that bring it home to me just how far that journey has been in such a short time, and how it was all down to the C25k epiphany.

Well done indeed, and look forward to seeing what you do in year 2AD (Anno Dominating-the-roads)


Haha love it thanks Rig!! :D


Massive respect to you Jules ! * Does that fist bump thingy * :-)

You have done amazingly well, what a difference a year makes eh ?

I wish you a very Happy Runniversary and heres to the next one . The party is just beginning ! :-)

All the very best to you and Well done on the fund raising , what a fantastic achievement !

You should be very , very proud of yourself ! :-) xxx

jules50Graduate in reply to poppypug

Aww thanks poppy, yes...heres to the years ahead eh?! :D

poppypugGraduate in reply to jules50

Yes , and all the running adventures it brings :-) xxx


Oh, I absolutely love this! It's so good for us newbies to see where we could end up if we keep plugging away! Giving up smoking / feeling like you will die on week 1 was me last week. I will hunt for the light at the end of the tunnel

jules50Graduate in reply to barmybint

So great to hear that, and I promise you if you keep plugging away you will achieve what you want to achieve, and feel so much better for it too :D


Well done, it's life changing isn't it ! You've had great achievements during your year. Fab !

jules50Graduate in reply to islandrunner

Thanks! :)


Happy runniversary a truly great year for you :)

jules50Graduate in reply to Slow_Rob


You've done brilliantly jules!happy runniversary! 😆

jules50Graduate in reply to aliboo70



Love reading posts like this, it is so inspiring for someone like me who is just at the beginning of my running adventures. You should feel so proud.


Its great to be able to inspire others, I do feel proud but its only thanks to C25K that I am where I am now and I will always be grateful to it and all the lovely people on here that are so encouraging. Keep going and enjoy every minute!! :)

Brilliant jules. Running has certainly become a big part of your life and has made a difference to yours and many other peoples lives with your fund raising. Congratulations on your achievements, you are right to feel proud of yourself. :)

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