Couch to 5K

What A Difference A Day Makes

Apologies if the post title puts that particular music worm in your head all day.

Doing this running thing has made me a creature of habit. Up early every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and out running. You may have noticed that today is Thursday not Wednesday.

I am on holiday this week which meant that I could go for a long run on Monday. On Tuesday we were out all day which meant an early start and a late finish. I managed to get up ok on Wednesday morning but couldn't get myself out the door to run. I kept putting off going for a run all day.

I headed off this morning for my catch up run. I ran for a little over 30 minutes. At the beginning my legs were a little tired perhaps the after effects of Monday's long run and of being on my feet for most of Tuesday. I soon settled into a natural rhythm, neither too fast nor too slow. It just felt right.

My pace does not seem to be increasing much but I guess that I have to remember that I am still a baby runner. My objective may not seem to be too stretching, to run for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week, but I am exceeding it. And it is certainly a lot more than I was doing 13 weeks ago sitting on the couch. So all is good.

Happy runnings.

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Well done. Running on holiday is one of life's pleasures - means you can break with routine and run when you like. Sounds like it's all going really well.


Perfect attitude Nightingale1. Far better to build up gradually and consistently that to go hell for leather trying to build pace and distance too quickly, and then end up on the IC. Happy running :)


I like the term baby runner! It doesn't matter how far or fast we go does it - I agree it's just fantastic to be off the couch. 😀


There is nothing wrong with plodding along at a leisurely pace and at the end of the day telling yourself you are doing it for your own reasons.


Well done. just done my run today. 7 laps of lake and a little bit (just over 5K). 35 Minutes. found it a bit tougher going today the last lap was more of a plod. But did about same time.

Extra day rest ( delayed due to life things) I don't think helped . Normally do Wednesday. Will do next run Sunday which is also extra day rest. Being stubborn helps. Just had to at least maintain what I did last week.

I feel the same slowly but surely getting better.


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