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Getting there.......wk6 run 2 done but some abuse received

So today I was up and running by eight o'clock.....well pleased with myself. Was happy with the run and the world in general, what's not to be happy with on this sunny morning?

Then just as my second 10 minute run was coming to a glorious end ( yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!), some elderly, very portly guy drives past me in the opposite direction and starts shouting through his passenger side window! I have no idea what he was saying but it was definitely not a thumbs up and well done, absolutely a rant of some sort.

What's all that about? I'm on the very wide pavement, not another pedestrian in sight, so I'm not hindering anyone, least of all the shouting monster who is DRIVING on the road. I can only guess he objects to a running middle aged lady. Admittedly I'm carrying some extra pounds but definitely not more than the shouting monster???

Had a chat with the family when I got back and decided it's his problem not mine. I'm guessing life is not good for him, but should I be surprised at that given his kind of behaviour?

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Well done for ignoring this shouting monster. It's amazing how many DFs (that can mean anything you want but I know what I prefer) there are out and about who seem to think they can comment on anything without authority. Definitely his problem.


Definately his problem not yours jacsw..

Well done for getting out nice and early and ticking off wk6 run2. You are doing so well and it sounds like you are enjoying it and should be very proud of yourself. This is your journey, don't be put off by silly people who have no idea of the commitment and effort required to run like you do.

We all know that you must take it slow and steady in order to succeed.

He could do with some manners..

Good luck with run3 ...😊


Keep up the good work. I always feel that any one who shouts from a car is sitting well and truly on their bottoms and should be pitied !!

We are the lucky ones , cos we are of the bottom and running 👣👣


Yes the "Neanderthal" missing links get everywhere ! I occasionally get abuse when cycling . Doesn't bother me now. Other drivers think the same as us "What's that blokes problem".

These unhappy people need to get a life. If had chance to speak to them face to face I would say. "If you want to give abuse to runners there's a load running for charity next week. I suggest you go along and give them some abuse. Or haven't you got the bottle".

I'm lucky that I usually run early and round a quite lake. Someone would have to physically stop me to get me wound up.

Don't let the "Knuckledraggers" put you off. Good on you keep up the running. Your giving yourself a life they haven't got one !


Thanks everyone, yes knuckledraggers and DF's are both good terms I will keep in mind. I did end up feeling sorry for him and his sad life! Run 3 scheduled for Friday, then I shall be running week 7 in Cornwall, got to be a plus😉


His problem. I would suggest that not only is he sitting on his bottom but also his brains. Good for you ignoring him 👏 Happy Holidays and I'm sure you'll find somewhere lovely to run in Cornwall 😀

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Definitely his problem and not yours but very unpleasant experience. With all that weight and anger he will probably have a heart attack. Just forget it and get on with the programme. You are making great progress.

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He could have been talking into his bluetooth thing to someone at work, and not at you at all.

I once ignored a bloke in a white van that was gesticulating and mouthing something at me. Turns out he was following me as he'd come to cut my hedge and was trying to get my attention. Oops!

Anyway, it matters not. A young lass recently road raged me because she was stuck in traffic and had to give way to me -" just one more effing pedestrian" and then a lot of abuse and vileness. I wanted to drag her out the driving seat and mash her features but my husband (font of all calm) told me to leave it as clearly not all was well in her world and I should feel sorry for her. He was right of course. Her fella looked horror stricken bless im.

Don't worry about any of it, just keeping on running and smiling x

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