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W8R2 - middle run always "bogey" run, but done!

Phew! I'm not sure if this is in my mind, or if this 'middle' run is genuinely the hardest of the week. I seem to have a pattern of Run2 being the "bogey" run that doesn't quite feel right and this one was no exception!

After 2 rest days (normally only take 1) I was very eager to get out and run today, I'd missed it, but cor, it was tough going! First part well enough, last 10 minutes felt very long and I was very out of breath - more so than run 1. Made it, and no extra challenges with people or dogs trying to sabotage today, but it didn't match up with expectations or feel as much fun as usual. Suspect my expectations have become too high and admittedly I've been a bit of a grinch the past couple of days. I'm wondering if I should try a new route, perhaps changing things up a bit more will help with these longer runs.

Nonetheless, another 28 minutes done and still looking forward to run 3 and completing week 8. :) Roll on Sunday!

Hope everyone is doing good and running their little socks off x

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Okay.. time to ban the 'bogey 2' run... from now on, it becomes the Best 2 run. and the good news is...da da dah ...you have only one more 2 run..to run!!!!

Week 9 Run 2 and it is going to be....fantastic!!!

Plus...you did it... and you finished... despite the grinchiness and the lack of breath.

Route changes do help a lot, I found; even a slight variation can add a certain boost to the running regime....I have been on a new route this morning... very exciting and a bit spooky..but good. (Post later).

You are doing brilliantly and I will look forward to your post on Sunday.... just before...

Week 9 ! Yeay!

And remember, if you are feeling a bit flat and funless..

It might not always be easy...but it is going to be so worth it!!!! :) x


Thanks Floss, I'm up for banning the bogey! Sorry for the flat and boring post today, I think I will try a new route and might take a drive out on Sunday to a nice park and run there for some variety and to break up my canal running. :) x

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Good idea. You go to the park and I'll do my canal on Sunday for run 2 x


Well done💐 I think sometimes just running it's the main thing. Not all runs can be easy or fun, some of them just seem to be a grind. They probably give you the basic fitness and the routine.

Only 4 more runs to go🌟💫💥

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On the bright side, a grind of a run today means a good run next time, according to the pattern! :) Will be fine, I think my fitness is probably being pushed with these longer runs to be honest and I just have to get used to it again. So much impacts running for me, a bad day at work, not enough to drink, wrong type of food etc... It's all learning too, will have to make lots more lifestyle changes and actually make effort to do other exercise on the rest days I think. This stage of the programme just feels a little more 'real' if that makes sense... That there's never any more walk breaks and it's just longer and longer and faster and faster runs from here - a daunting prospect but will be worth it. Think im just a little greedy and expect a runners high every time, which isn't realistic!

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I know what you mean. I felt that when the last of the intervals was over and was quite worried about just having long runs ahead of me. It's different doing a one-off, but 3 long runs a week, week after week is just daunting.

But we seem to be doing OK. And it's probably turning us into runners.

Next run will be a good one - and if you're honest this one wasn't bad!

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Hi running-scared,

Well done on completing your run today. Keep going proud and strong...

Maybe treat youself to a change of music, it can be boring listening to the same tracks all the time. Not sure if you are doing the podcasts... but if you fancy doing one for W8 R3 you will hear 'me snd julie" which might take your mind off your running and cheer you up after all the fuss around her... :)

Otherwise a new playlist might help...

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Grrrrrr... I'm convinced I just posted a long reply to you Jan and it's vanished into the techno Bermuda triangle! Not to worry! Thanks for your reply, think you're right about a change of music. I use the app and have been listening to my same playlist for about 2 weeks... Admit it felt a bit dull today to know exactly what song was coming next and when to expect laura to tell me my milestone based on which sing was playing. Time to put the element of surprise back in... Will make a new playlist for Sunday! Saving podcasts til after graduation, intrigued by Julie though! :) x


*Childishly giggles at the word 'bogey'*

From what people say on here, everyone seems to get duff runs and there's no specific reason why. But the main part is that you kept on going until the very end and you did something productive and worthwhile for 28 minutes rather than dwelling on your stress or sitting on the couch!! =] Hopefully next week is better at work etc. and just bear in mind how far you've come in such a short space of time, it's incredible when you think about it really =]

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