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Not Too Flashy I Hope!


Not 1, but 2 pairs of new shoes to try out tomorrow, with luck.

Following my first post-grad run and the hamstring twinge, and discussions with my better half, it was decided that my 3 year old shoes needed replacing. They were quite comfortable but really better suited to being slippers than running gear.

Anyway, it was with some trepidation we went to Braintree Freeport this morning to purchase a (note the singular!) new pair of shoes. Why trepidation? Well, it normally involves traipsing in and around various designer outlets looking at all sorts of nice clothes that we just have to try on. Not today though. It was a very civilised and quite masculine shopping trip.

I was only interested in the Asics outlet having had good experience there previously (OK it was 3 years ago) and low and behold, the same very professional young lady was there and she took measurements, determined my gait and recommended a range of shoes. In terms of comfort and support, the somewhat understated bright yellow were definitely the best (and only £55). However, she who must be obeyed was quite adamant that I would not be wearing them when out with her and we decided a water proof pair would be good for those times when snow and/or rain was on the ground. It just so happened that those available in my size were the nice black pair pictured. Very comfy and supportive and the only garish bit about them is the bright red/orange on the bottom and the gold detailing.

Question to all retailers: "Why do trainers, runners and the like HAVE to be in such lurid colour schemes?"

So, tomorrow, I'll be trying them outside - hopefully the yellow because it'll be dry but if not, the waterproof black, red and gold.

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Or you could wear one of each....

stewieUKGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

I did suggest that but SWMBO thought that would be silly? Might well try it though cos I am a bit silly.

I quite agree with your better half those yellow ones really do shout at you they will see you for miles

stewieUKGraduate in reply to MichaelH070862

But they are really comfortable - I guess the test drive will be proof of my exquisite choice!

MichaelH070862Graduate in reply to stewieUK

Get some flashy socks then and you'll be the dogs

stewieUKGraduate in reply to MichaelH070862

Support stockings don't come in flashy colours unfortunately. The current pairs are flesh-coloured beige and boring grey.

A "masculine shopping trip"??!!! Sounds like a Heineken advert 😂

Lovely shoes. I guess we have really bright colours so we can be seen in the dark 😂

Don't worry, after a few muddy runs the colours all turn Dirty Brown.

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

'masculine shopping trip ' - translation : 'You take your time Darling, I'll only slow you down - I will wait for you in the nearest 'library' " ;)

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to Irish-John

And when you are caught in the nearest Pub - 'But - when they said they had draughts here I thought they meant first DRAFTS!!! " ;)


Great shoes I like the yellow ones, lovely and bright 🌞


Nice shoes - yellow ones will be good in the dark and if it gets foggy. The one of each gets my vote 👍🏼


The only thing better than a new pair of Asics...two new pairs of Asics!! And for the record, I love the flashy pair!! Happy running in them!😀


Ooh. I'll take a pair of the yellow


Well, it is helpful to be seen in low light levels or in the dark

You go shopping with your other half! Crikey 😊

Love the shoes by the way. Happy running ☺


Man! That yellow is the EXACT same yellow as my Motorbike Jacket is :) If only they were armored I'd buy a pair also :)

stewieUKGraduate in reply to Irish-John

My Mrs now reckons they're green not yellow! Never heard of yellow - green colour blindness before.

My textile bike jacket is a similar colour as well.


I LOVE the Yellow ones stewieUK ! The brighter the better I think !

The black, red and gold ones look very classy . You'll have to wear them if youre ever running somewhere posh ha ha :-D xxx

Fraid I like the yellow too but they need loud pink socks to set them off 😀😀


Think the tag you've been given might indicate an addiction to running shoes, as in they are your cocaine! Bizarre, but that tag did make me laugh!

Anyway, shoes look great and variety is the spice of life, go out and enjoy!

stewieUKGraduate in reply to LonelyWalker

What I didn't mention was the 2 pairs of Clark's Chelsea Boots I was persuaded to purchase on the same trip! It's been so long since I had ankles that would fit into the old fashioned style, I just had to have them. Perhaps SHMBO's shoe fettish is contagious!

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