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Running Shoes-please HELP!!!

Hi All,

I really do need help to buy a good pair of running shoes. I use a 'HiTech' shoes at the minute and have been using it since 27th Feb when I started to run; I graduated in them and also did few more runs afterwards. I do my runs mostly on the road as I run after work and the local park is a bit too deserted in the evening. Since of late my feet ache after a run, they are back to normal next day but I wish I do not have the ache at all. I will be doing Race for Life on 14th June and would love to have a good pair of shoes if I can.

I went to Sports Direct today and the nice Salesman there recommended a pair of Karrimor shoes. They are nice and cushy to my feet but too narrow as I don't have very narrow feet.

I did a gait analysis today over there and found out what type of feet I have. There are so many running shoes in shops and also on line so I am not sure what the best ones would be.

I would really appreciate any suggestion. Please HELP! Many thanks in deed in advance.

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I've sworn by ASICS for nearly 3 years but when I went to buy new runners a couple of weeks ago the ASICS have been changed and are no longer comfortable for my feet. I ended up buying Brooks Ghost. I've worn them in the gym for over a week, had one short run in them and today did a 12K run on track. They are brilliant, lovely and comfortable, they come in two width fittings too. Have gel soles which help to cushion the impact. Money well spent in my opinion.


Thank you very much for your reply oldgirl.

CONGRATS for doing 12K, I can't even imagine running so long!

Well, I will go to Sports Direct and maybe to JD Sports as well to see whether they have Brooks Ghost. We don't have many Sport shops in Oxford, only these two. I don't want to order on line since it is always better to wear them and try them on, don't you think?, especially running shoes, unless you know what size and type you want.


I recommend that no matter what shoe you decide to wear that you replace the insole with a more supportive one that has more shock absorption than the typical insoles that are provided in most running shoes. I live in the U.S., and use a brand called Spenco. I searched on Amazon's UK site, and Spenco is sold there, as well as some other brands that look pretty good. These insoles have been a game-changer for me. When I first started the program, my ankles and knees hurt so much that it took a whole day to recover. I got the insoles during week 2, and I've never again had that kind of pain again after a run.

As for the brand of shoes that I use. My favorites are Saucony Pro Grid Kinvara for road, and I also have some New Balance 890 running shoes for the treadmill, or offday walking. I always keep an eye out for when they go on sale, and buy a pair even if my current shoes are still in good shape. That way I don't end up paying out the nose when I need to retire a pair of shoes.


Thank you very much keepntabs, I wonder whether to use insoles for my present shoes and wait a little bit longer without rushing to buy a new pair, never thought of insoles, many thanks for the suggestion. I don't think I did more than 100K running on my present shoes.

I think that is a great idea to buy a pair of shoes when they are on sale, they do reduce the price quite a lot. I bought my present pair on a sale. When I bought them, I thought I was only going to do Race for Life, I did not buy them to do C25K, I got to know about the program only later on. Now I know I am going to run for a very long time, and will be doing Park Runs whenever I can, need more pairs of shoes!


Btw keepntabs, is their a particular type of insole that you recommend, as there are so many in amazon?..just having a look now. Many thanks..


I do the same as you with keeping an eye out for bargains! a year ago I didn't even have a pair of trainers - now I have 3 pairs of running shoes! My favourites are my Brooks Adrenaline.

I firmly recommend getting a gait analysis done and getting some advice at a running shop. You may find you over-pronate or something, which may have an effect on your knees or predispose you to shin-splints, and if you get the right shoes you will find they pay dividends in terms of comfort and preventing injury.

I bought my first running shoes on W4 of C25k and they really spurred me on and made me feel like a proper runner!

good luck, hope you get sorted out.


Mini13, try the replacement insoles with your current shoes, and also take them with you to try on with new shoes for comparison. I use Spenco's Q Factor insoles, which are designed for active women, but I didn't see them on Amazon UK. The closest I found was Spenco's Ironman Performance Gel Insoles. They are made for active people, and come in both women and men's size. They also have gotten excellent review's on Amazon. The sizing chart on Amazon doesn't apply to Spenco's sizes, which are for UK women's sizes: 0 = 2/3; 1 = 4/5; 2 = 5/6; 3 = 7/8; and 4 = 9/10. I wear a U.S. women's size 8 (UK 5.5), and use Spenco size 2 insoles. Fyi, with my Saucony's I needed to get a 1/2 size bigger shoes, but wear the insoles in my size 8 New Balance shoes.


Thank you for the info keepntabs, I am still thinking whether to go for a pair of shoes or insoles. Anyway, many thanks, you told me something that I have not thought of before..


My experience is that the running shops are better than generic sports shops. I'm surprised there aren't more specialist running shops in Oxford. There seems to be one called Up and Running -

Enjoy Race for Life - it's a great event for a good cause - but you need to make sure your shoes are broken in and if you are at all uncertain, I'd go with gear you are used to.


Hey wilmacgh, I did find a running shop in Oxford, how come I did not know that, heh?!!! It is called 'Up and Running'. I will be paying a visit on Friday and get a gait analysis done. I have already spoken to the Manager and he said that they have Brooks (thank you oldgirl, they have Brooks!) but he will let me know what is best for my feet after the analysis. Thanks for giving em the idea in looking for a running shop wilmacgh.


Many thanks wilmacgh, I only thought of Sports Shops in oxford, I will find out whether there are any 'Running Shops' here. Since I am new to this 'running thing' I don't know what they are called!

Yes I do know what you mean, I most probably run in my present shoes as there are only 2 weeks to go for my RfL. I know it is not a race as such but my aim is to complete the race under 30 minutes, I will try!

I have already raised £611, and quite pleased with that.


Wowee Mini13 having raised money like that your already a star in my eyes, well done you. Hope you get your footwear sorted out.


Thank you oldgirl, I am quite surprised that I raised such a lot of money to be honest, my family, friends and work colleagues donated all this money. I do feel great raising such a lot. My personal achievement for myself at the Race is to run under 30 minutes. If I can achieve it, it would be great, if not, still great!


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