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The shoes that would not be denied. Review

The shoes that would not be denied. Review

So, after saying the new running shoes would have to wait until the weekend to get a chance to get out on trails, I had to suffer listening to them whimper and cry all night. Little voices drifting up the stairs plaintively wailing "try me. Try me now." By this morning I could bear it o longer and decided that I could go late to work and sneak in a cheeky 5k trail run after dropping the kids off to school.

Well it was a perfect morning for running. Bright, crisp, just lovely. I have to admit I got a little carried away and a planned easy 5k expanded rather into a hilly, muddy technical 10k, but I loved every minute of it.

So, the shoes. Brooks Pure Grit 2. They were excellent. They are a lot less cushioned than my Asics trail shoes. I was a bit unsure about this at first, but got used to it very quickly and it makes a great difference being much more aware of what your foot is in contact with, particularly in the woods where you can't necessarily see what roots and rocks may be underfoot. The fit is quite wide at the front and the toebox felt strangely roomy when I tried them on, but after a couple of wet km when my feet were soaked through I was really glad of this and by the time I got back they did not feel large at all.

Of my other new gear, the Nike Drift tights are super, although the core workout of my rn was improved by frequent weaving and dodging round bramble suckers. Thorns and technical fabrics do not make good partners.

The revelation of the day though was the Buff. I am a complete convert now. I still have my mohawk form the Colour run last weekend and the sides of my head get a little chillly early mornings. I really don't get on with hats though, and the buff was a great compromise in this regard. As I warmed up, having the top of my head open to the elements kept me nice and cool and it stopped sweat dripping down into my eyes. Best discovery of the week.

Just need to guzzle some coffee and paracetamol now in the hope that my legs will be strengthened and not ruined by this extra curricular run, as I have an Insanity session this evening. Still six hours to recover. Should be fine.

Irishprincess - here is the pic you asked for. Although something dark behind me makes it look rather like I am wearing a nappy. I assure you I wasn't. My obsession with never breaking stride has not progressed quite that far yet. The shoes are not quite as eye-wateringly bright now they have been muddied.

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I would have had them out the box and on the trail right off! LOL

I stupidly wore my Brooks trail shoes to run round the streets yesterday. They were gripping the Tarmac like suckers. Ha ha. It was wierd and my legs got really tired. I only did it because the shoes matched my top (how stupid am I!)

Glad you had a good outing in your new duds. I like the sound of the headgear. I don't like a full hat either as your head gets too hot doesn't it. As long as my ears are protected from wind then like you I'm happy

I was thinking of getting some thermal Nike pants as I always end up with a cold patch in the small of my back on my winter runs. Thorns and lycra! Nooooooooooooo


Sounds like a wonderful run, and the new gear looks great! You've got me convinced to try a buff one of these days :)


I have used a Buff for years (mostly for head protection when walking). Brilliant.


Hey, Looking goooood Rig, the gear looks very nice too :-D xxx


Oh thank you Rignold. Looking good! Love the pose! Great post. These pesky shoes never shut up do they?


I wear Brooks too but a stability road shoe as I over pronate. (Get me with all the lingo!)


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