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Wk7 Run1 down in the dumps


Well just done week7 run 1 and to be honest feel rubbish, it was slow, painful and I didn’t even manage to get to 4K walks included! I have Done so much better.

It feels like it’s going to be a tough week.

My husband is doing so much better than me and I am trying to be positive as he did play rugby for a few years (teens and early 20’s) so knew how to run when we started, I have had to learn how to do this as a 38year old who had not run or done exercise like this since I was 16 and had to do compulsory PE, I was more interested in dancing.

Anyway I will keep on waddeling!

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We all have ups and downs and good and bad

Even if you never improved you would still be making a huge difference to your health compared to when you didn’t run 🏃‍♀️

Thank you, having come to this forum late on in my programme so glad I did as it’s nice to get extra support!

I’ve just done wk7 run 1 and was a gibbering heap by the end. But I did it and so did you! Bet you couldn’t have done it 6 weeks ago! Keep focused on completing- speed will come xxx

Oh and by the way my husband is out performing me - 8k in 50 mins the other day - and he was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago! Xxx

Thanks, no 6weeks ago I thought I would never run and let alone enjoy it most of the time!


You’re a star ⭐️ so don’t despair. I like to run alone because I know I’m rubbish and having to compare my performance with anyone else would reduce me to jelly. I really sympathise with you. It’s great that you and your husband can run together, so if he’s not helping, tell us his forum name and we’ll all pick on him for you ! Hope everything goes better next time x

Thanks, hubby is very supportive.

I k is iots going well as I just had to buy size 14clothes which was a great feeling!

I have a waist again!

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Now I’m really envious ! Haven’t been that size for about three decades now 😄 So pleased for you x

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Keep going

I had destiny’s child survivor on the playlist today and that really really helped. If you prefer dance then get some great tunes lined up and let that lift your mood. Canned Heat is another great mood improver when the road seems twice as long as usual!


Oh bless I am exactly the same I did run two of week 7 and didn’t care the distance I covered was just so pleased I actually ran for 25 minutes. I was exactly the same not done much excercise over the years. Just focus on how far you have come.

Thanks, yes I need to focus on just getting through 25mins. Still struggle finding a pace at times but I know I will get there.


I'm in Wk 7 as well and only doing 2.5K during the 25 min run so don't worry about not being able to do 4K, everyone says it's not about how far you go, instead it's about building stamina and resilience, speed comes later.

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I have just run wk8r1. My total distance was 2.9k. It’s nice to know we are not all fast runners. I run on my own as I am so slow but enjoy it so much. I’m sure I may get slightly faster but to be fair so long as I do the allotted time I’m happy with myself for just getting out and doing it. I love this program. Never thought I would be able to run for this long


Distance comes, distance goes. I'm currently running around 4k when I go out, but a month or so ago I wash hitting 6k. I'll be honest, I'm getting a little competitive with myself and I'm ready to push on again, but is it important? Not really. Just run, and enjoy the running. 👍

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Totally agree

Omg stop giving yourself such a hard time!! You are doing amazing

You!!! Are on week 7!! That’s amazing

We have to have the odd bad run.

Just remember 7 weeks ago and how far you have come

You are amazing!!

Don't worry about the distance. You're training to be able to run for 30 minutes. Sometimes it's quite hard but the fact that you still completed the run despite that is to be proud of, not despondent about.

Hi Neverranbefore

I was jogging my week 7 run 1 yesterday feeling proud when a grey haired lady overtook me at twice my speed, smiling effortlessly....our legs were going at the same speed but she just glided off into the distance and I felt I was rubbish

Then I thought, I have never really run before, I am also no spring chicken, this is my battle and not a competition. Keep going you are doing great!

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