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My first fail!

So tonight heralded my first time I was unable to complete a run 😥 After finishing week 7 run 3 last week, I took part in a charity 5k event, which btw was awesome! I walked the first 5mins, then walked 4 mins in the middle then ran the rest. It felt epic, and I've been on a high ever since...

... Fast forward to this evening and I felt ready to go and do week 8 run 1. Now, it's been full on at work this week (14 day yesterday) in addition to Saturday's running, but I thought I could do it.

Ten minutes into the run, I had to stop. I just had no energy, my inner thighs ache and my hips feel heavy. What's going on? Is this my poor overweight body begging for a rest?

After hobbling home, I m soaking in the bath mulling it over. When should I go out and try the run again? How long should I rest? I am determined to do this, but equally don't want to to be stupid and risk injury.

Any advice from you lovely people most welcome 😊

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As you get further into the plan the cumulative toll adds up, so taking an extra days rest can't hurt... sometimes it's just not a good day, difficult to say really. But you are being sensible not wanting to injure yourself - I'd say take an extra days rest and go out again see how you feel.

Nothing you do is wasted, after all the C25K programme is just the start of your running life..

Good luck and happy running

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Thank you, I m actually going to rest a good few days until my body has recovered. I'm also going to try stretching after running, as I've not done that to date and it may make a difference.

It has really scared me though, this nagging voice inside me saying that what if I can't run 5k, or 30 mins, so much self doubt and irrationality, all tied up with a lack of confidence and a need to succeed.

Onwards and upwards!


5k in 30 minutes may take time to do - I still haven't I'm at 5k in 32mins if I choose a downhill route. But running for 5k of course you'll do it, it's just a matter of time and habit....

Write this run off as just one of those things, I had one of those today - last Sunday I ran just under 8km and today heavy legs meant I struggled to do 7...

sometimes it just doesn't come right.. so don't let your confidence be knocked, honestly we all have meh runs.

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Don't underestimate the importance of being well rested, hydrated and fuelled before a run. Doing extra runs and work Al needs to be taken into account.

Running 5k in thirty minutes at graduation is something only achieved by a small proportion of graduates and is not the aim of the programme. Being able to run for thirty minutes is the only aim you need to concern yourself with............and you will do that.

Take a good break and you will be fine.


Rest and don’t push yourself.

And personally I would certainly do a warm down and a stretch after each run.

Good enough for professional athletes, good enough for me.

Oh....and remove that word fail!!!

You were out there and also on a charity run. There was no fail !


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