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Quite soon after yesterday's Parkrun started, I ran down a small but steep hill (without a warm up, idiot i am) and halfway I felt my quad go (not sure how to explain it, wasn't quite a pop), I hobbled the rest of the hill whilst mumbling ouch ouch ouch. After stopping for a second or two I decided to try to carry on as i was pacing a girl id met at running club (shes much faster than me but burns out too quickly, so, id been asked by a club leader if she could stick with me. I felt honoured!). We finished the whole 5k and the girl I paced got a new Pb (after id pyhsically dragged her, by her tshirt, over the finish line. She'd burnt out with only a few strides to go, poor girl.) No pb for me but I was happy to have stopped running on a sore leg. :)

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ouch - are you ok? Well done for pacing that girl to her PB but do look after yourself!


hope you're ok and haven't done much damage. how proud must you be being asked to help another runner & for them to get a PB! :) :)


I love the concept of Parkrun but my nearest (Aberdeen) is very boring which is a real shame. I've volunteered to be an official this next Saturday (1st time) so looking forward to that. Hoping to get a chance to chat to some of the runners. I still feel very much a lone jogger, I must pluck up the courage to join Jog Scotand club but feel I'm just too old.


You are never too old Oldgirl!

Once I've done a few more runs I'm going to volunteer too...think it would be nice to be at the finish line as the first lot of runners come through. Let me know how it goes.


I was chuffed to be asked and that she got a pb, even though we are both still around the 35-37 minute mark.

We are both running a couple of 10k races next month and will now be running together, we've agreed not to wear a watch and let the race be another keep fit session, just to keep the pressure off us.

My thigh is tender is a little tender today,but nothing like how painful it was yesterday (walking downstairs brought tears to my eyes!), luckily for me it looks like its a mild sprain. I also think the stretching, ice, elevation and lots of rest yesterday helped. I've been out for a slow walk this morning and it's feeling ok.


Oldgirl, I highly recommend doing the Parkrun, if only once a month. Because its timed a switch goes on in your head and it gets you to push through anything and everything in order to do your best time (mine is all about not coming in last). You're never too old from what I've seen! ;)


Take it easy now! Hope it gets better soon :)


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