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Week 4 Run 1

Didn't much want to go out running this morning, then got in muddle finding the beginning of the Wk 4 podcast. It meant that I'd already walked for 5 minutes before Laura told me to do my 5 minute warm up walk - is this making sense? Consequently I was 10 minutes walk from home before I started to run so I thought I'd take a different route from normal and then running in a circle I was a still a mile from home by the time I'd finished the four runs.

I thought 3+5+3+5 would kill me but actually it was ok - I think! I'm pretty sure I was running (ok, only slowly) when I was meant to so maybe I can do this.

Currently buoyed up success, I knew it was worth tipping out of bed at 5.30am this morning really. Foolishly, I have now set a date for my first 5k park run - Saturday, 29th October - and told a couple of my work colleagues, so now I have to keep this up.

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Any run when technology throws a wobbly is a double success in my book so well done to you 😀 You have my admiration for signing up to Park Run too. 👏

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Thank you - as ever, I'm full of good intentions!


Well done for getting out there despite the gremlins. Strangely that can be when you have a better run. Like you I found the 3+5+3+5 okay. Brave of you to plan your first parkrun but at least you have a goal :-) Happy running.


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