Week 6 Run 2- A killer!

I've been really struggling this week. Did run 2 on Monday and felt exhausted. I haven't found any of it easy, but that's the idea isn't it? Was feeling so tired I left a 2 day gap and then did this run again today. I can't imagine moving on to run 3 yet. Has anyone else struggled with this week? Tips for going on? Am I just having an off week?


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  • No you are not having an off week for some reason week 6 throws everyone out

  • I finished week 6 run 3 on Tuesday and my legs whilst not in pain feel decidedly odd so I'm taking a couple of extra rest days. It sounds like you're running to fast? I felt exhausted after all my week 6 runs but progressed on to the next run anyway. In my mind, if I completed the run, I'm good to move on to the next one.

  • Thanks Linaka, That's good advice. I'll give run 3 a try and slow my pace down a bit. I have never stopped before the end so maybe I just have to trust in the program. Good luck with your last 9 :-)

  • Oh wow it's just 9 left :o good luck too let us know how you get on :)

  • Struggled with just about every week old chum! Especially when I wanted that 'success' day too much :) And one of those days I just quit after a few minutes - just DID NOT WANT TO RUN! :) It is at these times it is important to forget about 'finishing' and just really relax and enjoy what you do run. There are no 'fail' days once you actually go out the door - only 'practice' days and 'success' days :)

    The absolute hardest thing to do in this programme is not the running, building up stamina, getting to 5k or thirty minutes - the hardest thing is to learn to run at a speed that makes it both enjoyable AND do-able. In other words - it's really tough to make ourselves 'Slow down...then slow down some more' when really struggling and feeling the pain.

    If it ain't fun on some level, we won't do it for long ;) Read a ton of posts here and you will see that all will be well - you are NOT 'terminally unique :)

  • Thanks for all the advice and support. Away at the weekend so almost a week since the last run. So with a bit of trepidation I began run 3. Slowed way down as advised and found that I could do it and even had energy to pick up the pace for the last minute. Got really tearful when Laura announced I was a runner. Feel so proud of myself that I didn't give up on this. Credit to this forum and the support it from everyone xx


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