Week 6 run 2

Well today I ventured outside, for the first time since eye surgeries last year as I was down in Brighton and did not want to miss my Sunday date with the treadmill. Because I've lost my 3D vision I'm scared of the potholes, cracks and uneven surface of pavements and grass divets hence I've stuck to the treadmill for my 0-5k quest. However, slowly and very carefully I managed to run week 6 run 2 in Shoreham Park. I did it! Big day for me because it means that I WILL be able to get outside again eventually as long as I'm careful where I go. Week 3 beckons and that's where I got to two years ago before the detached retina sagas began and I was forced to stop the programme. 5k park run is getting ever closer.


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8 Replies

  • Brave girl.. really, really well done. I am in awe of folk like you who run, despite everything. :)

    I am so glad your run went well and that you were able to be outside and enjoying it, ( albeit carefully) :)

    Slow and steady is the way for all of us.. it means we get there safely.. I take care, not because of anything other, than the tree roots, the uneven surfaces and the grotty field track, as it was this morning, make it so hazardous and I don't want to fall. ( old Snail)..So for you to do the same. Wow!

    Onward and upward.. carefully :)

  • Hi jigglemooce, lovely to have you back.

    Eye surgery sounds pretty scary, I know they have made huge advances in how they operate nowadays...but still..when its you. Totally understand your concerns about running outside. So very well done on that W6 R2.

    Good luck with that R3 wherever you feel your best doing it. Slowly and carefully works fine for this as you know..

    Very pleased that you have overcome the problems with your eyes. You are a very brave determined lady. 😊xxx

  • Thank you.

  • It must feel great to be progressing again and putting some of the past behind you - sounds as though you've been through a lot. Well done on the brave decision to run outside today and really glad it went well for you.🙂

  • Thank you.

  • Well done - that's a hurdle and a half, and you cleared it! :) While the unpredictability of outdoor running is half its charm, I can absolutely see how it's not helpful in all situations. Whether you're on the treadmill or outdoor, happy running :)

  • Oh Jiggle, what a brilliant hurdle to have overcome. Amazing determination. Looking forward to more of your posts (but particularly the park run one) 😉

  • Puts my whining into perspective.


    Well done! This is against the odds, very brave and it is much commendable!

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