The Middle Run

I was up and out running a little earlier this morning. It was another fine start to the day. A lovely day for a run. I was aiming for a middling kind of run for my middle run of the week. I am still taking it nice and steadily. But steadily this week is a little bit faster, a little further and a little bit longer than last week and the preceding weeks. I am pleased to be making incremental gains so that I am feeling that I am making progress but at a substainable rate without pushing myself to the point where it all becomes to much. I am enjoying my running and look forward to it and finding it very satisfying. I hope that you all are too.

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  • Just as it should be.. it sounds perfect. Gentle enjoyable running, and it all creeps on, un-noticed. :)

    Well done you :)

  • Great that you enjoy it, after all it should be something we enjoy and not a chore :-)

  • That sounds just perfect Nightingale! The enjoyment is what will keep you at it.

  • Love your posts. Your runs sound so laid back. A gentle meander for half hour, no stress. Perfect. :)

  • Well done. That's how I feel about the running. I did 31 and half minutes just over 6 laps of local lake (approx. 800 metres circumference). The fact that I have achieved something I thought I couldn't do when starting C25K is brilliant. worked on improving my technique doing more of a push off rather than a plod when running has increased my speed down to under average of 5 minutes per lap now . But due to time restrictions and other life stuff that interferes may not do as much as 10K. Possibly do 6 to 7 at most. But I am happy with my loss of weight now down to 10st 10lb. Lost 10lb just on the 9 week C25K . Looking to eventually get to top end of normal BMI 10St 2lb. If I at least maintain this my next check up at Doctors will not say close to being diabetic and blood pressure high. That will be a result ! Also like my ego being stroked (who doesn't) when people I meet say "you've lost weight" , "your looking well" !

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