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The Final Count Down - Week 9 Run 2

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Another step closer. I made a beginner's error and started off a bit too quickly this morning even although my intention was to run only for the 30 mins this morning but pick up the pace a little bit. By the time I got to the end I was blowing a little bit. However I recovered quickly enough on my cool down walk.

There is a little posse of us, The Muskateers, who are due to finish the programme on Friday or over the weekend. I am looking forward to counting them all in on their penultimate runs before we all cross the line together later in the week. Good luck to them and everyone else running today, what ever stage you are at. One for all and all for one!

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And another musketeer in :) there's no stopping you early-bird boys. I'll be out a bit later to follow in your footsteps. Another one in the bag @NIGHTINGALE1 Just half an hour away from that cap and gown!!!!

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NIGHTINGALE1Graduate in reply to McFitty

Good luck on your run McFitty. Has the heal healed?

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McFittyGraduate in reply to NIGHTINGALE1

They're both still a little bit 'crackly'. Only one is still weeping though. I'm taping them up again before I run. They'll be fine I'm sure. Up and attem😀

in reply to McFitty

Good luck for your run !! Hope the heels hold out.

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EllymegGraduate in reply to McFitty

Good luck McFitty, 🙋🏼 I thought you'd be in before me today. Keep the heels cosy. Waiting for you with cool beverages 🍹🍷🍻🍸 🍰

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McFittyGraduate in reply to Ellymeg

Thank Ellymeg I am in dire need of them, but it's in the bag now and the Musketeers or Famous Five or is it now Super six (I think aostler is another one) are on the way to the podium :)

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Yayyy! One more to go - enjoy!

Good effort you weren't the only one to have a beginners error I started of doing week seven somehow and had to quickly nip back to the start to do week 9

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Well done NIGHTINGALE1 !

Another one of the our very own Famous Five nearly home and dry .

One more to go ! :-) xxx

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Yea! We seem to be wandering from the norm today. Well done you - just one more to go, can you believe it, I can't!

I am slightly irked I can't stop for a proper read until children sorted out today! I might sneak a mobile sneak whilst sitting poolside at swimming club!!

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Well done. I am getting the virtual Pom poms and brass band ready for the big finish on Friday!

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Go Musketeers!🙂🙂

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