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Another Run Gone, Another Run Bites the Dust

For the first time since I began C25K in April, I completely missed a run, and not because I was sick. (I missed about a week at around week 2 with some nasty virus.) Not only did I not run on my appointed day, I didn't make it up either. I simply ran only twice last week; my most recent run was 5 days ago.

I was on vacation. I did, actually, do a run while out camping, but I was supposed to do two of them. I have been babying myself after an epic 12K hike that left me limping and sore for days. And eating lots of crap, rather than my normal careful veggie-filled diet.

So I was a little nervous about today's run, considering my reckless abandon of my diet and exercise regime. But I am home now, and if I am a tiny bit sore, I still rested all that I can reasonably expect to. It was time.

I am starting to lose track, but I think I am at 12 weeks now, so I am running 30 minutes. I was gratified to manage the first 10 minutes (they seem the hardest for me - if I can do that, the next 20 minutes are pretty much a foregone conclusion). I wasn't quite keeping my normal pace - which probably officially makes me the slowest runner on the planet, my normal pace is already super-slow - but I was chugging along. And I managed the whole run, with my knee only complaining for the last couple of minutes.

It feels astonishingly good to be back to my normal routine. I *missed* my spinach salads. I was glad to do my strength training and my run. Another invisible check mark on my list of runs, and I am glad that it seems to have become a habit.

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I hope to make the habit too. I threw away two chocolate bars last night after a bite out of each. Who IS this person! ;)


Wow, you threw out TWO chocolate bars? Clearly you have been replaced by a real runner. :)


Glad you are back on it. I just finished my first 5K and there were times in my training I went four and five days without running due to schedule our family commitmits. It happens. The key was to keep at it.


I totally agree. Just refuse to quit. But for me, the structure is pretty important, so I am glad it didn't all fall apart because of a short lapse.


I bet you missed it! It's been a week since I did a standard run.. only a brief trot 3 days ago and I am champing at the bit...


Call it "tapering". Your next run should be stellar!


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