Couch to 5K

W4R1 finally

So I have finally been able to start running again after being sick for nearly 3 weeks... So yesterday I did week 4 run 1 and I think it went quite well.

I did however, not use the podcast to run to but instead used my own playlist (sorry Lara...) and followed the time scheduled.

Looking forward to run two today with a rest for tomorrow!

Hope everyone else is doing well?

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Well done you! We are at the same stage I think.

Q - Everyone talks about 'Laura' but I am listening to Sanjeev Kohl on the BBC Couch to 5K. Where is Laura and is she any good?

Keep going! :) :)


Laura is the woman who motivates you on the NHS couch to 5K program podcast. She is good but not a big fan of the music (I enjoy the latest music on the radio and the Ultra music festival soundtrack to run too)


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