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W4R1 complete

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Well I did not care for that run. I liked week 3’s run/walk intervals and balance, week 4 seems much tougher in comparison. Those five minute runs were hard, couldn’t believe it when Sarah came on to tell me I was only half way through!

I did it, and I’ll keep going, but I’d love to hear from people who don’t find it easy and joyous and don’t run an extra bit on the end just for thrills... cos I can’t!

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Just started week 3 and that first 3 min run was a slog

Still seems impossible that I’ll run for more than 5 straight minutes

Keep going, you can do it

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LilipolpoGraduate in reply to koopsa

Every week I’ve thought “I’ll never manage the next one!” ... And yet we do! Thank you for replying, good luck x

I felt the same as you!!! Just completed the same run and it was a shocker. Keep going you are doing well fellow runner.

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LilipolpoGraduate in reply to Margaret2311

Thank you, you too! Happy to hear it’s not just me :)

W4R1 completed tonight . . . the last five minutes were really tough but, like you, I did it . . . . . not sure how!

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LilipolpoGraduate in reply to Christianne57

Thanks for replying, well done. We’ll muddle on!

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Its taken me three goes to complete a week 4 run and after the first one i thought it wasn't happening. I changed from music to a podcast tonight and found it really helped. You can do this!

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LilipolpoGraduate in reply to Fimoo

That’s a good tip, I’ve done the same. Just need to ensure I’ve got a really good one playing so I can concentrate on that and not the run!!

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I found w4 hard, but 3rd run better than 1 and 2 - I’m mid 5 now and not loving that each run different so I don’t have 3 goes to get it right to my satisfaction

Just finished w4 tonight. The last 5 minute run is hard going but delighted when finished.

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I found W4R1 hard, but I've posted elsewhere about my accidental discovery of the boot camp drill running track which I am convinced spurred me on 😃 Just at the point where I thought I was going to give up (about 3 minutes from the end) they chanted 'no pain, no gain' and Michael had said something about really pushing through the last few minutes as this is where the strengthening happens (or words to that effect, I was having to focus really hard on my jogs).

I'm not a natural sportswoman so yes, this is hard going BUT it is possible 😃

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LilipolpoGraduate in reply to oldwheezer69

Intriguing, is that a podcast? Any idea where I find it?

I’m not a sporty type either. Well done on your success so far!

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oldwheezer69Graduate in reply to Lilipolpo

It's the Boot Camp Drill track from an app called Rock My Run 😀

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