After a weather delay I finally got out to do W4R1 today and was surprised how well it went. The first half of the run went well, then all of a sudden I got to the end of the second 5 minute stretch and was pleasantly surprised that I was done! So far I don't ache afterwards (although I did extended my post-run stretching routine a bit just to be sure) and it's given me a huge confidence boost that I really can do this.

Looking forward to complete the rest of this week now (and pretending that I don't know how much more running I have to do in W5!).

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  • It's s great accomplishment & fab feeling getting further each week, before you know it you'll be doing the 30 min run!

  • Very well done. It's such a brilliant feeling.

  • Interesting I'm due to do wk4 r1 today. Bit anxious how it'll go but good to hear you've coped so well

  • Hope it has gone well for you too - I was a bit anxious to before I did it but so glad I've done it now!

  • Brill! Well done. Doing run two today hope it stays breezy lol! X

  • I'd love breezy right now - I live overseas and to say it's a bit warm would be an understatement! Good luck with the run! x

  • Oo where are you Emma? Found the run harder but ok. Feeling it in my thighs more than knees! X

  • I'm in Hyderabad, South India (hence the weather break and having to run at ridiculous-o-clock in the morning!), I'm actually leaving in 3 weeks after being here for 3 years though - busy times!

    Glad you finished the run! I was so worried about my thighs aching too but I increased my stretching and I'm now 26ish hours after the run and still no aching - phew! At least r1 is done and hopefully run 2 goes even better!

  • Gosh are you uk bound? You must be really busy it's great you are taking the time to do this it's such a positive thing! Good luck with run two. Agree stretching makes a big difference! My cats have the right idea (they are always stretching lol)! X

  • UK bound for a couple of weeks, then off to Malaysia for a couple of years. Haha you should get the cats out on the run with you.... x

  • I have to sneak across the road to the football pitch or else the cats would probably run with me lol! Have a great time in the uk if you are seeing family! My sister is in the USA and I really miss her x

  • I'm about to start wk4 too and can't wait! Well done and keep going!

  • Congratulations and good luck for the rest of the week. Enjoy.

  • Congrats. I find sometimes I'm better on the later running sections than the earlier ones. Felt the same about finding I was suddenly finished the second 5 min run.

  • Thank you everyone :) It's so helpful to hear everyone else's experiences too!

  • Also did wk4 r 1 on sat.. probably do r 2 tonight, It IS funny.. but having a ‘ target’ to aim for, does make you push yourself more.. you definitely achieve more than you WOULD do without it..and the target always seems . ‘within reach’ if you have run 1 min you can do 1:30, if you’ve done 1:30 you can do 3, if 3 then 5 and so on.. but I confess I run each run just longing for the end of it.. but I have enough determination NOT to ‘ give up’ until I hear the voice saying’ slow down now’ . Taking is VERY slowly, trying to avoid and semblance of ‘ injury’ , so well done to you nonetheless – if you have done wk 4 r 1, you kind of ‘ know’ you can do it again?

  • Exactly - I just completed W4R2 and went out telling myself 'I can do this, I've done it before'.

    Good luck running it again tonight :)

  • thanks and good luck for the third one too

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