Big thank you to c25k and the support on here!!

So.. its been 2yrs and 4 months since I did c25k for the second time. I have my 5th half marathon in 2 months and my Leader in Running fitness course in just over a month. Today I was thrown in the deep end at my running clubs track session... today I became a coach. I took my first session with the beginners. One lady never ran before and before the end of the hour did 1 full lap of the track! I was so proud of her! Paying it forward!!

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  • Aw this is great !

    Well done on your achievements so far ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you... Love your pic :-)

  • What a great post, wishing you all the luck on becoming a coach, it never ceases to amaze me where this journey can take us. Well done.

  • Thank you. It's amazing. and I'm still in touch with people on FB I met on here when I first started! One is doing triathlons now! It's great to watch people grow. Look forward to seeing that from my new role in my running club!

  • Wow - great stuff. You should be very proud!

  • I am. I know this is the way for me to enjoy my running. Thanks ;-)

  • Lovely story and lovely picture!

  • Aawww thanks! That's Mir... She is why I started! We couldn't tire her out!.

  • Thank you. Much appreciated that you took time to reply. I'm so happy and look forward to helping new runners like I was. I know if I didn't find my club and make such amazing friends I may well have given up when the going got tough and was diagnosed with Sciatica... It wasn't sciatica though. Just a dodgy foot. The pain was aweful but going along and just taling to everyone when I couldn't run kept me in the family... and here am now... Coaching and giving advice myself!

  • What a great story of where C25k can lead! Having started from the beginning, I'm sure you'll make a brilliant coach!

  • Aww thank you. Its something I have been thinking on for a while. Got myself some training books to read to get me ready for the course. Xx

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