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W1 R2 and a BIG thank you !

After my failure first run and feeling on the verge of its not worth it, I have read all your messages of support on here and you have all inspired me ! Thank you ! Going to try again today to complete a week 1 without stopping this time !

Also my 65 year old mum is going to try it too after reading your comments so I will have some company.

I love this site and feel I have you all with me every painful, sweaty step of the way !

Even tho I didn't complete my first run I did feel secretly good for trying and did manage 6.5 of the runs. So anything better than this today is a bonus ! And the sun is shining !

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Good for you. Stick with it! You don't have to run solidly with c25k as there are walking intervals, so,if you go slowly, you should have enough puff to finish the session.

If go struggle, stop til your breathing is normal then crack on ☺


I walked on a treadmill for about two months before starting the program so you have done well. Keep slow and you'll get there.


Definitely stick with it! You did six and a half minutes of running last time - that's great! Take it steady so you can keep control of your breathing, and you'll get there. :)


No such thing as a failure - just a practice!😊

The first ones are the hardest. Slow it down as much as you can, even if it's just above walking pace it's ok. We're all right there with you😊😊

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I managed it but it's sooooo hard !! struggles at run six but then I had a new burst of energy and 8 was the easiest of them all !!!! Go me !!!!!


Yay fantastic stuff - well done! :) Rest day tomorrow then run 2 at the end of the week :)


Slow and steady is the way.... :) As misswobble says...follow the programme, walk steadily and take it at your own pace :)

Tell Mum, she will love it, she will be in good company; many of us wonderfully super-speedy seniors, ( ha ha) ! I started this when I was 65, and still running at 67! Loads older than me too.. and much speedier :)

Well done you ! Keep posting :)


Well done Mezziejay😊...

more success to come, remember that feeling...

Next time start nice and steady, do some gentle stretches after your warm down walk while your muscles are still warm. There are some listed on this site under the pinned posts...

You are doing can do this.😊


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