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First 1 hour run - Thank You c25k & b210k and everyone on here! I couldn't have done it without you!

Just back from my first continuous hour of running, prior to this I'd been doing 2 30minute runs separated by a 1 minute walk, following the Sami Podcast bridge 2 10k.

Considering that in January this year I thought I would never be a runner, had always hated it, had asthma at school and was always in the last handful of people when running/walking/crawling the "cross-country run".

Well what a change a few months can make :-)

It started with my beautiful wife declaring she had found this running programme at work and was going to give it a go and try and lose some weight and get into shape, and I am so glad she did... Marie is now 3 stone lighter and the fittest I've ever known her to be in years.

Marie's enthusiasm rubbed off on me and I started c25k in February and in my usual full-steam-ahead style, I ignored the warnings/advice and completely over-did it and gave myself tendonitis in my knees. So after an 8 week break, I came back and completed the plan in May.

Then I did my first X-Runner event on 23rd May "The Water Wipeout" - doing one loop of the track (5k) cross-country obstacle course and as the organisers say it was "Muddy Good Fun". Watching some of the other competitors going round for their second loop had me hooked - next time I'd be doing the 10k version!

So 6 weeks ago I started the Sami podcast Bridge to 10k which I finished on Tuesday.

I have been inspired and encouraged throughout my journey so far, by the wonderful stories and posts on this forum and Thank You all for keeping my spirits up and helping me not quit!!! I hope I can "pass it on" and help others in the same way.

Good running everyone :-)

p.s. Loving the c25k t-shirt!

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Well done trickyhicky you and Marie are both stars. Your Water Wipeout sound amazing fun but I think my poor old body might object to such abuse but I would love to watch something like that, brilliant. Don't forget to try your local Parkrun too you and Marie sound just what Parkrun is all about, a family affair. Keep up the good work and most of all continue to enjoy it. I loved reading your blog by the way, your so full of positivity which will motivate loads of people I'm sure. :)


Thanks Oldgirl, we have looked at the park runs, but unfortunately our nearest is quite a trek and at the same time as both kids are having sailing lessons (and I'm helping out as a trainee assistant sailing instructor). Maybe in the future we'll get there.

I realised I forgot to mention above I'm doing the next X Runner 2 weeks on Sunday snd going for the 10k. I'll report back after that.

All the best



Ooohhh wow, I'll look forward to hearing about that, well done on doing so very much in such a short time too. :)


Yeah, I really am a bit of a sucker for anything outdoors and exciting - I've signed-up today for my first parachute jump in aid of the British Heart Foundation - next March. Not sure what Marie and the kids are going to think of that...


My daughter said "ooooohh don't kill yourself daddy"

and my wife said "how much was your life insurance again?"

Great to feel loved and appreciated! :-)


Well done TrickyHicky, I felt fab when I finished the B210K too! So, Bupa ten mile training programme next??? ;)



Thanks CaroleC

I hadn't seen that plan before, so I've just had a look at it and I'm effectively already on week 9.

I'll start it at week 9 after my next X-Runner event (2 weeks on Sunday), doing slightly different training plan for that, for the next 2 weeks.

Good running!


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